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  1. So in context, i'll be straight to the point. This 6 months here was an utter horror show, how I survived it, well likely thanks to the club wanting to just avoid relegation. Get ready, it's a mess. Hola Señor As I previously stated, we made the signing of Jose Antonio Escribano from Merida for £35,500 after being recommended to me by one of our scouting reports. Jorge Escobar also popped up via the scouting report, as the knowledge pool was deepened by my small stint in charge of the Columbian National side.
  2. As we enter our 7th season of the save and our 3rd in the top flight, we we’re looking to try and make a run in Europe and try and become Scotland’s third force. With limited finances and no real improvement to the ground or facilities, could we do it? A Point To Prove Our first batch of signings all come under the term “A point to prove”, having maybe a lot of potential but not quite fulfilling it. David Bates has Rangers and Hamburg on his resume and he’s someone I felt could add good competition to our backline. Alan McIntyre also has Rangers on his resume
  3. So can we push on and claim that Europa League spot or will we bottle? Lets find out. But let's make the most anticlimactic start ever to the post. We had no money, so no January recruits. Trimming The Fat With no one coming in, I felt like it was best to trim the fat of the squad a little, thus potentially creating openings for younger players to get their chance. The like of newgens Mackechnie and Sharp got lower league moves, whilst Bronsky and Meechan were poached by lower clubs, I have no idea how they'll afford that compensat
  4. Our journey continues into the 2025/26 season, it was going to be an interesting one. Would we suffer 2nd season syndrome in the top flight, would we have a great run in Europe, it really was going to be a season that could make or break the club. So how did we do? Let's detail that journey. Adding to the ranks As always our business is divided into two stages, the opening of the window and the any business done after the league resets. I acted fast to secure 5 new signings to the club. Eoin Thain was recommended by our scouting team and he's
  5. This could be a lengthy post, the story took so many twists and turns, so many highs and lows just in the period of January to June of 2025. So here goes. Brace yourself it gonna be good. Greetings, Sir Believe it or not, it was a very quiet window indeed. With one of youngsters Jim Smith going out on loan, the only arrival was Glenn Middleton from Hearts, he was out on contract in the summer and as he was transfer listed, we were able to acquire him for just £15,000. Reality Check This was a stark reminder that despite
  6. Our biggest challenge awaited us, the top flight of Scottish football with the smallest budget and small stadium. With the worst facilities in the league, how would a team who were in the 4th tier 4 seasons ago, cope with top flight football. Fulfilling objectives For 2 seasons the club has requested I sign players under the age of 20. Of course I'd love to do that, but again my focus was promotion, we're now in a position to do that though, so whilst not all of these are under 20, it does lead to signing younger players. Jamil Umoh was relea
  7. Save us Y2J With St Mirren getting further and further ahead, we searched all window for someone to save our season and get us heading in the right direction. Enter not Phillip J Fry but Phillip A Jones. It sounds farfetch'd doesn't it, Phil Jones in the 2nd tier of Scottish football. Until I realised he hadn't played a game since 2019/20 and at that it was 2 league games for United. It was very much Steven Caulker to Dundee this move. PSA So a few things to tidy up before we start rounding up the 2nd half o
  8. After last season's heartbreak of just missing out on promotion, it was time to put a team together that would ensure that history didn't repeat itself. We're so close to that promotion to the top tier, but just what steps did we take to attempt this? Not All Talent Costs Much of recruitment was done straight off the bat when we knew we'd be stuck in the Championship for another year, however only 4 transfers happened before the league resets due to many pre-contract agreements taking effect from July 1st. The first batch of in's s
  9. Did we send it? Did we, didn't we send it? I mean we tried to send it. With an aggressive transfer window in January we hoped this would at least secured a top 4 finish and give us at least a punchers chance at the Scottish Premiership. Now Entering The Battlezone We spent a bit of cash including too very hefty loan fees but all deals I felt could help us. Mikey Devlin arrived from Aberdeen with a few Scotland Caps to his name whilst Fredy Guarin needs no introduction. Also Fredy Guarin at Queen's Park, cause you know lol funny. On
  10. Business is about to pick up as we'll start to mingle with clubs who have came down from the top tier, with this being the case I felt it was time to start loading up on talent who either had prior top flight experience or had the potential to comfortably be a top flight player. Mega Super Recruitment Drive P1 In the June recruitment drive, Sondergaard would arrive from Wolves, his loan was cut short when another keeper came in and his services weren't required. MacKinnon and McAllister arrive as development players and will start off with th
  11. Going into January I knew this would be the last 6 months of easy football in the save and that from the Championship onward it was going to get tricky. I put a real emphasis on getting promoted early to get a jump start on Championship recruitment. January Window Not too much to add in terms of our business in January though, Craig Wighton arrives from Hearts for a small fee to gives us another option up top alongside Tyler Smith who I mentioned in the last blog. Jack McMillan arrived from Livingston on loan to cover the departure of H
  12. They also grew tired of losing all their prospects for free over the years. Robertson, Shankland and Ruth just to name three.
  13. Thanks, been very fun so far. No Peter, it's all change. Turned professional with aims of getting to the top flight and a bit of money behind them. Basically an easier save for the first 2 divisions, but the Championship and top flight not so much!
  14. With the step up to League one, I knew recruitment was key, and the club backed this. The game actually gives you the £5m for Hampden but that doesn't go into your budget, so that was swiftly invested into training and youth facilities as well as junior coaching to allow us to try get some better prospects in quicker. The recruitment drive I acted fast to bring recruits in for the new season and within days of the prior season concluding ex-Dundee United midfielder Ian Ha
  15. Thanks to an elimination from the cup early doors, it left us with a straight run of league games February onward to ensure we got promotion. Was it plain sailing or did we hit a wobble, let's find out! Transfer window As you can see first off our remaining business in the season was well Mark McAusland. Nothing special here, just a good honest pro with lots of experience to give us another body at the back and as you can see by the average ratings he was pretty good when featured. Youth Intake The first newgen class of FM
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