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  1. To be honest, I think we can safely add the Winger role to this list as well. Many of you who have used these roles would have noticed just how selfish and individual they seem to be. Let's start with the false 9. This role is a pain to use in counterattacking tactics that aim to win the ball deep in your own half. Why? Because he's the main outlet when you do recover the ball. And almost without fail he will set off on a slaloming, pointless run forward, leaving your team in the dust, culminating in a hopeless long shot. It's such a beautiful role though. It drops deep when you're high up the pitch and will combine there. It's just terrible in transition, and that ruins a lot. The Winger. The most selfish role in the game bar none. This role, regardless of duty only sees the opponent in front of him, whether it's one or two or three. Incidentally they will usually end up with a decent number of assists, but only after you've lost countless strands of hair watching them run down the byline to get tackled. Over and over. Its a shame because this role probably maintains the most width in the MLR and AMLR strata. But it's rare to see them used in peoples tactic for a reason. Way too direct. The Complete Wingback. This is the saddest one because it's possibly the most beautiful role in the game. It roams across the side of the pitch, sometimes popping up in the inside channel, sometimes on the touchline itself. It'll even make runs into the penalty area to crash in half cleared balls on the volley. It takes up varied positions to prevent counterattacks. Unfortunately it is often avoided because the role is mostly seen running down a blind alley up the wing, to get tackled for your 25th corner of the game. Honestly, all 3 roles would be better off if you could deselect the dribble more option. It puts off combination play which is how most of us want to play. Annoyingly, most other roles with dribble more hard coded don't seem to have this issue. The inside forward will run with the ball, yes, but he's often good value for a clever through ball or rudimentary lay off pass. Wingbacks on attack duty will often cross the ball even before reaching the byline. The Complete forward is a free role, yet they participate in clever combinations. This isn't about tactics being suboptimal. It's something that can be found almost regardless of setup. And for some reason dribble less doesn't seem to offset their tendencies to any noticeable degree. It's my wish that for FM22, we are able to deselect the dribble more instruction for them. At least for the winger support and complete wingback support roles. Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place. Wasn't sure it belonged to the tactics sub. It's fine to move it to the appropriate area if it doesn't belong here.
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