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  1. Just Signed My Mate!

    In this years game I know Liam Fox - Livingston Ian Black - Hearts Christophe Berra - Wolves Eddie Malone - Dundee Liam Buchannan - Partick
  2. Raise maximum wage?

    Using the slider worked for me on my Hibs save when signing Vladimir Weiss, Febian Brandy and James Rodriquez.
  3. Thanks for bringing my enthusiasim for FM back. Thanks for bringing back that...just...one...more....game before my eyes shut feeling Thanks for making me want to rush home after work Thanks for making me want to stay in on new years eve to play my beloved hibs save. Si games, I thank you!! I missed 09 cause it was garbage but now I am back!! That is all
  4. You do understand that young players don't just "ask" to join proffesional clubs, don't you? Bibao will do their youth scouting in the Basque region where, guess what, most of the boys will be Basque! You are one of the biggest blethers I have ever came across on here.
  5. Cm2 97/98

    Dosbox: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dosb...r.exe/download You need the Dosbox to play on Vista Use this to help you with getting the game running! http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/25406/t1132868-need-help-with-dosbox/ If your using XP just change the .exe to compatability mode for Windows 98
  6. Woooooooooohoooooooooo, Just got this working on Vista. Can see an all nighter coming on! £15m to spend with Boro in Division One! John Hartson is 22 hahaha Pointless thread but if anyone wants to play the game and needs a hand getting it running just ask!
  7. Are you sure it's not a 4gb stick? 4mb for a stick is very strange.......
  8. Tier 8 of English football in FM10?

    Would it be possible to make a Scottish "conference" so teams move in/out the League set up? We currently have no real pyramid system in place and two different "non-league" set ups.....I would love to take Camelon Juniors to the SPL!
  9. [RELEASED] Klasa Skin v1.1 + Bonus

    The Links won't work for me! Can it be uploaded elsewhere????
  10. Man U ruined!

    Game is a bit weird with some of the transfers that have went on!
  11. FM09 Won't open!

    I think it goes without saying I typed in the code!
  12. FM09 Won't open!

    I am playing it through steam, It says that the code I am using is already activated. Why all of a sudden does this happen though?
  13. am i evil?

    Derek Riorden Chris Killen Kenny Miller(1sttime round) Graeme Smith Mark Brown Alan Gow(Don't give me this rubbish about him being on loan, played once for R****rs against East Fife) Zaluska won't get a game Stephen Pearson Ulrik Laursen David Fernandez Allan Johnston Paul Ritchie Dariuz Adamczuk I think that'll do for now. And in reply to your 3rd point, Why are they signed if they are not good enough? Hmmmm....
  14. This morning I tried to open my FM but it is asking for my Activation Code! When I took the code and tried to activate it said that it was already activated and that I should buy another. The game has been installed since release day! Anyone got a clue what the hell is going on??
  15. Background music

    I wish I worked for them rather than the job I have......