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  1. What dou you think about a custom database? Precisely, at the start of the game there is an option to sellect a country which all players will be showed in game. F.E - if you sellect England, then ALL english players (and staff) will be showed in game, including lower leagues. With the time I realised that many smaller countries after 10-15 seasons dont have many "real" players in game, that means - the most of their players are gray. Even if you don't sellect a Holland, Brazil oder Argentina players (and I'm playing large database)- in 2015 their youth teams are not really strong, and they have not really great players in their squad. Also, when I send scouts to these countries, they usually don't find anything special. So, I tryed one time at the start to use "show all players" option for many countries, not only european to have more realistic database. So I took f.e. romania, ghana, japan, china, mexico...- all countries which have realistic chance to bring up a quality player. This "action" improved a realism very nice (there were a many youth talents in different edges of the world, and there was more staff to choose)but also it SLOWES MY GAME very very much. So, what do you think about this - at the beginning, we can choose small, medium, large or CUSTOM database. When you take custom database their will be shoved all countries, and you can choose how many players/staff from that country will be ALLWAYS there as a real player/staff. (0, 25, 50, 75 or 100%). F.E. - you select England, 100 $ - all players will be shoved; 75%- all proffesional players and half of low leagues players will be showed (depends of reputations)... by 25% their will be only players with national (or higher) reputation, and national team players This allows you to have nice south american, dutch, or east european players in year 2020. For really small and unimportant football countries (f.e. Vietnam, Fiji, Andorra) you can select 0 or 25% if you want. I know, the model isn't perfect, but it's a good basic to make database and player/staff choice after 15 seasons more realistic.
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