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  1. Hi Knap what would you say is the best sort of dominant possession team? Tried the pep 433 and I liked that but kinda fancy a drift from 433. Appreciate all your work. P.S, would it be possible to show league stats in your formation screenshots eg. 1st in league for shots 3rd for shots against etc? Cheers
  2. Hi Knap and Fans, Been using the tactic ME21.7MADASAHATERKnap4132P104CC and im finding it one of the most entertaining tactics i've used so far this year, however it can come unstuck in some big games, could someone recommend the best 'big game' strategy for a top side? Cheers
  3. Yeah I've tried using this but cant quite seem to get it to work, gutted as I really fancy a 3atb possession dominant side
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