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  1. My run with Schalke in first season was quite good I finished the league in 4th. Despite inferior squad compared with the likes of Bayern, Dortmund, RB Leipzig. I only add some average players due to minimum budget. But my team ended up as the highest scoring team in Bundesliga. My formation in first half of the season were 4-2-3-1 very effective goal scoring machine and consistently in 2nd place. Then enter the second half of the season. Of four league match i only won once. Afraid that the meltdown continues I change formation to 4-4-2 still with attacking approach. And it's Successful! Back to winning track and scores lot of goals. The new season board increase our budget so I can bought some better quality players.I still use my 2 formations that I used last season. But the new season is more difficult. I can't barely score a goal. It's like my 2 strategies are exposed. Only winning two from seven matches. Still I have to play match in champions league and dfb pokal in midweek. Do you think I need to change formation and strategy? Because my players moral is good and no issues.
  2. I am using Schalke and like most of Bundesliga club it has numerous young players in u 19s and reserve team. My question is does Germany reserve league competitive enough to make a player grows? Which is the better put a promising young player in reserve or stay in u 19?
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