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  1. Cheat Engine is not malware. Nonetheless, I am absolutely sure I do not have malware but appreciate the reply.
  2. Yes, that is precisely what I said haha EDIT: No, that is not what I said actually, I misread. But I know, and I am in agreement with you. However, it does speed the game up, and allow me to explain why: I use instant continue, so it actually speeds up the animations that result from pressing continue. So, while it does not affect processing one bit, it does speed up the game so to speak i.e., it makes going through days quicker by virtue of speeding through the animations I even timed it just to make sure it was not placebo or something. It was 10 seconds faster per day, which adds
  3. Oh yeah I figured. Just speeds the instant continuing and animations, so it overall speeds the game up.
  4. Thank you I will check this out. I agree, I feel like I should.
  5. Thank you, and I am glad to hear it. Typical SI -- always on top of things. Appreciate it.
  6. Hello Folks, I got hopefully an interesting one for you. Suppose I have absolutely no money constraints. None at all and I can get any latest card/component shipped, no exceptions. What components should I use to have extremely fast processing speed? How many hours per season with instant sim do you reckon? And yes, this is a real request. Appreciate the replies.
  7. Well I'll buy more power if need be. I just wish to know whether it is possible or not. It seems quite unreasonable to me that my PC has so much processing power yet it takes nearly the same amount of time to process as my lousy MacBook. There has to be an option to change it, or at least I'd like to hear the true reasons why not from the horse's mouth. If I get ignored or if it's simply a lazy design decision, I'd like to avoid this game in the future and potentially refund it. However, I appreciate the reply, thanks.
  8. Hey I made a post yesterday on enabling the draft in Luxembourg. I have attached the file too. Could you kindly help me out, would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  9. So I am running an absolute power house: 3090, 6/12 cores/threads and 32 GB RAM. But the game is running way too slow for my liking. Hell, I am only loading 4 leagues and 12k players. But running through a season is taking a long time: it takes me approximately 18 hours per season and this is with auto-continue, instant sim for most games and cheat engine for 100x the speed. Surely I must be doing something wrong; OOTP baseball takes under 15 minutes to run through a season, and 20 after 15 seasons. I understand FM has significantly more players and more matches to emulate and more behin
  10. I tried having a draft system for Luxembourg. I have attached the file below. Verified Rules, and the game recognizes it to be Luxembourg. It even allows me to load the nation along with the single division I enabled. However, upon continuing with the save creation, for some reason the game does not allow me to select any Luxembourg clubs to manage. Further, despite supposedly loading the nation, it still behaves like the non-playable nations. I am too sleep deprived to verify whether it is because of the MLS Draft, but since I have not seen any discussions on the topic of la
  11. Oh my god, yes! It seems not many people like us exist -- dreamers of their own nation. Looking forward to trying this out!
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