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  1. Okay, so keep the RPM and change the AP to CM? And the DLP to Mazella?
  2. So using De Jong as a Mazella on attacking and my left IW on attacking would be usefull? I don't really know what a Mazella does. Wouldn't it be kinda useless to use both a Mazella and IW on attacking on the left flank
  3. No rational really, just trying whatever I can. I'm not that much of a tactical mastermind so I was just messing around and he even scored a hattrick the first game I used it but after that nothing
  4. I decided to do a career with SC Heerenveen and im pretty happy with how it is going l. Currently midway trough the first season and on second position with only 5 points behind Ajax and an equal amount of points with psv. As I said this isn't bad at all but there are some points of concern for me which I can't lay my finger on. My tactic is as follows: Im using a 433 formation and this is my main formation with some exceptions. My right back, Floranus, is injured for the season so I had to loan Hall from feyenoord to fill the gap. I also switch between the midfielders sometimes by switc
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