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  1. One thing you might want to look at that I didn't think of before - Is your HoYD Hungarian or does he have knowledge of Hungary? I don't have data to back it up, but that might have an impact. Just a thought.
  2. Sorry, I didn't catch your meaning! I'm obviously a n00b around here and I appreciate the education. It's that kind of detail that has me obsessed with this game again...
  3. Oh sure, I didn't mean to imply that the PA of newgens is static based on that one data point. I also very much take your point that even if a Hungarian team won 5 CL's in 20 years or whatever that they wouldn't reach the levels of other more established nations. I guess what I was trying to say was that, assuming you've maxed out your youth facilities, junior coaching, etc. and was a European powerhouse for decades in game, it would be neat if Hungarian youth were "inspired" and rather than producing 0-1 wonderkids in that period they might produce 0-1.2 or whatever, weighted on the other fac
  4. This makes sense but I'll admit to being a little disappointed that the value is totally static. I don't think sudden movement in youth development makes sense, for the reasons you both state, but I'm also kind of a weirdo who plays out 40 year saves. I think it would makes sense for some movement even in smaller nations if you had an extremely successful club like you see in "build a club"/ "build a nation" type saves over a long period. With that said, from a development perspective I completely understand why that value is static. The ROI on serving a small number of players like myself doe
  5. Do you happen to know the reasoning for this? Is this to ensure that on longer saves where you're winning multiple CLs as BATE or whatever that your smaller nation doesn't produce more wonderkids than larger nations or those with more history?
  6. I'm kind of going through this in my save now. I'm still on FM19. Started in the third tier of Northern Ireland. Won the third tier, the Intermediate Cup (second and third tier teams, plus top flight reserve sides) and the League Cup. Got to a semi final of a regional cup with a few top tier sides and did okay in the national cup. Second season, we won the league, the Intermediate Cup, the regional cup and the national cup which got us into Europe. Was knocked out of the League Cup in extra time of the quarter finals because I'm a goof and made a bad tactical error. Third season
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