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  1. Thanks for the info mate, but as i said for example: A basic system like this will require the central defenders to have jumping, strength, aggression, bravery, positioning, marking an heading. The thing is i can only scout or get players that have only 1 decent stat (10 points or higher) so where should i look out for mostly?
  2. Second match: xG opponent 2,7! 27 shots on goal. I lowered my defence line but not working at all. Most players in the squad right now: poor. But that is maybe because we are almost last in the league (season almost over). So i will give this tactic a try in the new season i guess? You say: low determination, work rate, team work, aggression, bravery, stamina and acceleration then there's not much any tactical system can do for you. I cannot get any players that have decent stats for all these points so that is a problem. Most players dont wanna join as well. The ones who are willing t
  3. I was thinking about something like this. Problem is almost every chance is a goal against us. Even with decent defenders (for this level). First game with your tactic 2-4 at home.
  4. This tactic should work for these leagues but ok it isn't i guess Yeah that is fine by me.
  5. Right now i play like this. This tactic should be good for LLM teams but for some reason it is not working, especially in xG chances and in away matches almost every attack is a goal for the other team. Best defenders: Best midfielders:
  6. Yes plug and play. The players are really bad so i tried for example a flat 4-4-2 with a bit of instructions but even then the opponent gets way to much xG etc. This is my team (dont look at the tactic, just picked one)
  7. Guys, Im looking for a good LLM tactic. For some reason nothing is working or not consistent. I want to get out of this division to promote to the Vanorama Division. Which one should be decent enough to get results?
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