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  1. nope you're wrong, in the picture, the player's role is target man with highlights on aerial/shooting/movement/strength, i want to be able to change that role into something else (let's say complete forward) and then the stat highlights will change so that i can view his stats at that role, and i want to be able to do that for players that are not yet in my team like the one in my picture
  2. that only works if you have the player on your team / already training it, i want the highlights on the players that ARE NOT YET on my team
  3. are we ever getting a feature to change role stat highlights to whatever we want/need? i'm tired of seeing thousands of poachers and target men when i just want to see the highlights as pf or cf or something like maybe we can tap the role on this screen (target man) and then there will be choices to choose from and then the highlighted stats change depending on what we selected
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