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  1. I have been tinkering a little bit more with the pre-game editor today and I thought we should be able to find people who as a good/bad relationship with someone For example, I've been taking Mourinho out of Spurs and pushing Mason up to the hot seat. As I strive for accuracy, I looked out for people who had a good relationship with Jose Mourinho to get them out as well Apart from the likes of Sacramento and Nuno Santos, Giovanni Cerra was a more low-key name who was also part of his coaching staff that I only found and removed with a little digging Therefore, can the next pre-game editors have an option to filter out people who have a strong relationship with someone else (Possibly identifying this person by their unique ID)?
  2. They won't flop simply because theiy're just too good to fall below being just mediocre or decent About young player adaptability, it could be a thing but the game grades the players every year and updates time and time again right? It aims to be as close to the real life situation as possible, the only unknown variable the want you to have is in the future in the game when you have gone months and years into the future and see how the player "may" be correctly managed If you specify a separate adaptability level, other than the general adaptability attributes, it might be possible (I'm not a dev idk) but I expect there to be some lurking variables such as the "learnability" of the language compared to the player's mother tongue, the receptability of the neighborhood surrounding the home field (French players moving to London tend to prefer a rather French part of the city, Chinatown everywhere,...) and stuff like that Would be a lot of work for precision but yeah, a mere "locked" penalty based on the age at which the player moves abroad might do
  3. I came across this too, the thing about scout reports is that it grades the player based upon all the information about and regarding the player including known attributes, hidden attributes up to comparison with the current squad quality Having a 5 star potential alleged wonderkid when using a scout with excellent judging attributes would provide a very comprehensive scout report, not easily missing out on the wonderkids like the one you mention here So, all in all, the problem OP has, I believe, is down to the scouts and coaches being too good and knowing "too much"
  4. Just separate real life from FM. Like Tyburn said, the scouts reports are too revealing How are you comparing this to real life? In real life, how can you actually measure, assess and determine the ambition or consistency on the scale of 20? The game is a software, the numbers are keyed into the game to give the players a certain locked range of ability The thing you are looking for here is not just uncertainty but less knowledge. The game already has randomized range of "numerical" ability in a range of 30 units and if it's not enough, it's a good idea to request a feature in the next games allowing a range of options in the setting up of a save to choose the attribute(s) that is specifically invisible (even to in-game editors) and more volatile, that might add to the uncertainty Finally, as I said, you are saying that 5-star potential always end up being absolute stars and never flops means the AI knows too much about the player, knowing that he's adaptable, ambitious, professional along with all the personalities and attributes required to reach stardom
  5. This is because, I believe, many off those attributes are measured off the pitch I read in the scouting interviews that other than watching the players from 5 games to a whole season, they also contact people who know them personally, follow the social media accounts to actually get to know them as people and not simply on-field players
  6. No this is currently not the case. The likelihood of a player hitting their potential or coming dangerously close is affected by all the attributes, not simply those known attributes Also, when the scouts provide you with the feedback, I believe that the scouts also provide you with their evaluation of hidden attributes like consistency, injury proneness, professionalism and whatever, meaning that those 4/5 stars should already have pretty good hidden attributes that will slingshot them closer to max PA If you complain about South American youngsters more likely to hit the ceiling, it's probably because they have better adaptability and/or the scouts already brought you the players they believe will perform Want more uncertainty? Why in blind, sign a 5-star PA with 30% knowledge and see what happens
  7. The current scouting screen displays the amount of knowledge your current club currently has in a region/nation with a single most dominant source of knowledge within the club 1. Can the sources be filtered out only to available scouting staff? 2. Can the map display not just how well covered a region/nation is, but also the number of staff that has knowledge over the region/nation? 3. On top of number 2, which could be a generalized view, can it include a detailed view showing which staff those are? If they are scouts? If they are scouts who are already on assignment in that region/nation? 4. Is it plausible to add workloads for scouting staff? 5. In addition to number 4, can there be, maybe not immediately in FM22, an interactive visual map that shows either where specific scouts are currently assigned (and if number 4 is a go, include a color for the workload like green, yellow, orange,... or descriptive like heavy, medium, light,...)? I understand FM has its own "rigidity" but I believe a visualization of the scouting and knowledge network would make it easier to understand, manage and plan the scouting assignments
  8. When searching for players, can the next in-game editor be used to hide computer generated players/staff? This might apply to normal conditions also, even though I believe it might not be as "fun" if applied to general search
  9. I have had this request since FM20 but haven't raised it yet. There is an option to export attributes templates of players but what about staff? This would be, similar to players, easier to add staff attributes. Is there any chance this can happen?
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