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  1. For me DLF is the fast one, and FA the strong one. Ibra is on FA and Pato on DLF. I allways have one strong Striker and one fast. So look what do you want, i mean, do you want him to play as a runner or as a strong man how is taking defenders with him to let the other scores.
  2. a question, which Position go in U-17 youth? Maybe DMC? because there is no U-17 Youth DMC thanks
  3. And one more thing, please give us more information about the injurie in the field. I just get a green cross, but I don't know if it is a bad injurie (foot, knee,...) or just a small (hand,...) Because, there are matches, where I need the player, and if he has just a small injurie I can let him play, but if he has a foot injurie then I will get him out, to save his injurie time.
  4. Bosnien League? hehe, SI don't know how to put the option: BUY A MATCH! Haha But it would be great to play with Celik in the Uefa Cup
  5. I want: TACTIC: I want to create moves for my players. (example: I want to say to some players, to take the opposit defender to one side, and a other striker has to go in the free penalty area, or to create moves on the right or left flank) Because, there are so much moments in the game, when I see a player free and I want that my player pass the ball, but he goes his way. So, I want to say to the team: This is what I want. It would be good, if I could tell the players where they have to go, to draw them the area where they have to play. Half time talks are good, but I want to talk to the players in the game too. When somebody is young and egoistic, I want to attack him. When a player miss the penalty, I want to say him: Come on, it is everything fine, just play. I need talks during the game. More Media Talks. It would be good, if I could give a Commentar after every match. So is it in the reality. But it has to be 3-5 questions. About tactics, players, moral, and future. When some good players or when I am near the end of contract, it would be nice if there were more talks about the future, and the possibility to respond to the comments. The Transfer Markt must be done. There are so much unrealistic transfers. And the little clubs has to sell there Talents for more money or a 30% sell option. And every player has his price. If I have 200 million and I want to buy Ronaldinho, I don't like to have the respons: Not for sale. Why do you don't put for some players the respons, if you give this... then we will sell him. Because it borowing to get allways the respons NO. Every team can handle the price, so it would be fine if I could talk about the price with the team. I would like to have the option to ask for a postpone a match (there are sometimes 5 matches in 7 days). I want to comment in the media and on the field the referee and his judging.
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