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  1. An instruction so you can tell a player to prefer to cross with their right/left foot so the team can play more inward/outward crosses depending on how you want the tactic to play out, This option could also be added to set pieces so you can tell a player which foot to take the set piece with
  2. When creating a tactic and you chose a role you have a small preview of how that role works within the match engine, well when you change the role by adding instructions you should have a 2nd preview which shows how the role changes with your instruction so you can then compare the 2 and see if that is how you want your tactic to play out as it is very different from reading what the instruction does and then actually seeing how the role performs within the engine. Another idea is that the preview could be done with specific players you select but I dont know if that is stretching it
  3. When choosing corner takers I always look for in swingers however when my best corner taker is an "either" foot I am never sure what his main foot is which makes it extremely difficult, it should be easily visible what their main foot is, and you should also be given the option to chose which foot the taker should use even if they are not 2 footed
  4. Loaning players is such an important part of the game, when I have a player on loan and I want to sign them on a permanent basis, if their contract with their parent club is going to expire within the next 6-12 months I should be able to talk to the player and ask if they do not sign a new contract with their parent club in order for me to sign them on a free transfer
  5. half way through the season during an international break I signed a large amount of trials so I could arrange friendlies and make some money from the income of the friendlies and I ended up losing all 3 of the friendlies and it absolutely killed my clubs atmosphere and now after 1 playday after the international break my atmosphere is only "good" where before it was practically full. Losses in friendlies shouldnt negatively affect the club to this degree. especially when I am a vanarama national league side and it was friendlies vs my affiliated clubs Liverpool and Fulham
  6. International players stamina needs to be reworked, I am currently competing in the world cup quals and look at the stamina of my players after the previous game, international cups are so difficult to play due to how players are always tired and it makes it extremely 1 sided and boring/frustrating
  7. Can someone explain if this is a bug or a correct decision, it says that the goal was an offside goal as the player who is offside was interfering the play, however it was a shot on target not an attempt at a through ball and the player did not attempt to play the ball either, so the only conclusion I can come up with was that the player "blocked" the keepers LOS but then it would have said the offside player obstructed the keeper instead of just calling it an offside surely? *streamable clip for example* https://streamable.com/hjyp57
  8. Delete if this is in the wrong area this game can be great, but many times it can feel like the AI have snaked an undeserved win from you far too many times in this game you will be "fm'd" where you will have 40 shots, 20 on target be winning 1-0 and then on the 90th minute the other team will score and the guy who scores will have scored his first game for the club, these sort of results are not uncommon or a 1 off, you will get a result like this almost every single time you play, surely there is something wrong with the match engine if this happens constantly for every FM player, yes I understand these freak scorelines can happen in real life but not to the extent they happen in football manager, that game I had "work the ball into the box" and they still had 31 shots with 15 on target and scored 1??? EDIT: These match stats are two games I just played and they are right after each other, these sort of stats constantly are totally unrealistic and just out right irritating and makes many people just stop playing the game, as I said earlier I understand this can happen in real life but not to the extent as seen in FM it is almost every match
  9. Team meetings, Currently I am top of the league with a game in hand and all seems well, however when I look at the team performance analyst report my team is "quiet and impenatrable" but also extremely "Aggressive and Wastful", I want to actually be able to use this information by speaking to the entire team about this, so when you get a analyst report you should be able to hold a team meeting and address any issues as I want to speak to the whole team and say "I am proud of your defending however your final third has been abysmal, you have squandered far too many attempts and that has caused us many games" etc.
  10. when you are creating a tactic you can use the personalised tab so whenever you sub a new player on that auto changes them to the individualised tactic so for example the previous player is a IF the newly subbed player can become a IW su with different instructions, When doing set pieces you can spend 10-15 minutes doing all your set piece setups but then as soon as a player is injured or subbed off you have to redo it all again, I propose that similar to the personalised tab you can set specific players to specific positions in the set pieces, so if my 6ft6 CB at near post is subbed off then my 2nd tallest player should auto take that position etc, as there are many other ways this can be done
  11. refusing to tackle.mp4 I swear it feels like every time my players close down their attacking player they will half ass mark them, have the easiest chance to tackle in the entire world and then just sit back order a pizza relax whilst the attacking player just walks around them at a snails pace
  12. Whenever a player is upset about being played in the wrong position, or playing time the only way to talk to that player is to get a team mate to do it however as a manager I want to be able to do this myself I shouldn't be required to do this through other team mates, in the discussion tab I could only criticise his "conduct" which is not what I want to do, I have already stated in another post about how I wish the discuss/chat screen should be changed this is just another example of that
  13. I swear if feels like every time the ball comes to my player instead of them chesting it down or taking a touch of the ball with their foot/leg instead they just header it away, it doesnt matter if they are in the open or are marked the amount of times I have had a player just header it away to the opposing side is becoming a joke now
  14. Ah right I see it thanks, a feature I would like to see implemented is to declare your interest in wanting to manage a Club/International team that already has a manager the same way you declare interest in a player before you try and sign them
  15. promises in this game are extremely vague and can easily be interpreted in many different ways, I am currently just made a promise with my board to "make acceptable transfer dealings" in order to sign a player, but what the hell does that mean, does this include purchases, sales, loans in/out, trials. does this also include staff transfers. it should be easily marked what you have to do in order to fulfil that promise and also clearly show if u are on track in completing the promise instead of it just saying "in progress"
  16. I meant that as a manager I would like to be able to talk to the player when they either say "I do not believe your club matches my ambitions" or during the contract discussion with the agent when the agent is demanding a higher wage that I am willing to pay, so that I could attempt to personally convince the player to take a lower wage or drop to a specific league in the same way you can try and convince a player to move to a club when you receive an offer or when you lower their playing time, as like I said the transfer of Paul Mullin to wrexham was only possible due to personal talks between the player and manager/owners convincing him to go to a lower division which in football manager would be impossible and I also meant that if a player says "I do not believe your club matches my ambitions" so during the personal talks the player could say something such as "Sorry I wish to play in X league and would not like to go into a lower league", then as a manager I could respond with something along the lines off "I understand however I am proposing that if you join the club we will qualify for X league in X amount of time and if X promises are not in the contract you dont have to sign, we will also pay you X amount of money to show our commitment and ambitions" this could then lead the player open to the idea of contract discussions and then it is up to whether I can meet their contract demands or fulfil the promises in the contract that I made in the discussion
  17. idk if I miss understood what you just said or that I am just blind or something but I cant find the job centre, I am currently managing wrexham FC and want to manage wales at the same time *as I didnt start both by mistake* and want to start managing both clubs at the same time
  18. if I want to become a international manager I have to chose "club and international" during the setup of my save which is rather irritating as many times I dont want to start a save as a int manager but then 2 or 3 seasons in and I wish to then become a international manager aswell this usually means I have to completely restart the save which is extremely irritating
  19. When attempting to sign a player and they demand a wage of 275k and you are only able to pay 245k sometimes I will have an agent just end the contract discussions'. I propose that players are able to speak directly with the player to attempt to convince them to lower their wage demands in order to sign, in doing so you could also make a promise to the player that if they lower their wage they will give them X amount of playing time or they will challenge for X trophy and if they do/do not win that trophy they can either have their wages increased or be transfer listed the following season
  20. Football manager is supposed to be a highly realistic game, however in the lower leagues or even as a lower end team in a higher league transfers can be rather annoying as a player will say "I do not believe your club matches my ambitions". if you look at the recent signing of Paul Mullin to wrexham, he went down 2 leagues due to being convinced by the owner and managerial staff, this sort of transfer would be impossible in fm21, so I suggest having the option to talk to a player and try an convince him by saying things such as "we are looking to go on a promotion run and with your help we believe it will pay off in the long run and you will be able to win trophies and earn back to back promotions and cement yourself as a club legend here... oh and we will pay you LOTS of money" or something similar
  21. The turning circles in this game are beyond a joke and worse than any other game before, just watch the streamable clip below. The player has 17 agility and 16 dribbling yet that is the turning circle he has and it absolutely kills the attack. In real life when a player takes the ball to his feet he will turn around on the spot and run straight when uncontested, but no this game makes a player run in a circle with a wider turn that even the titanic would make. https://streamable.com/moh7cd
  22. When on international management you are unable to have team meetings, training schedules. discuss with players 1 on 1 and tell them that a 5.9 rating in the euros is just not acceptable, as well for a schedule in international management, you should be able to have certain days u can dedicate to media days. Organising a friendly is also a very akward screen to look at and unless u know exactly what ur doing can be quite off putting, it needs to be clearly shown what specific days can be selected for friendlies
  23. It is unbelievable how many times my GK would parry a shot and then my defender would slowly chase after the ball even though he can easily catch up with it and then let it out for a corner completely uncontested and then I concede from that exact corner. Streamable link as example https://streamable.com/dgubw2
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