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  1. The turning circles in this game are beyond a joke and worse than any other game before, just watch the streamable clip below. The player has 17 agility and 16 dribbling yet that is the turning circle he has and it absolutely kills the attack. In real life when a player takes the ball to his feet he will turn around on the spot and run straight when uncontested, but no this game makes a player run in a circle with a wider turn that even the titanic would make. https://streamable.com/moh7cd
  2. When on international management you are unable to have team meetings, training schedules. discuss with players 1 on 1 and tell them that a 5.9 rating in the euros is just not acceptable, as well for a schedule in international management, you should be able to have certain days u can dedicate to media days. Organising a friendly is also a very akward screen to look at and unless u know exactly what ur doing can be quite off putting, it needs to be clearly shown what specific days can be selected for friendlies
  3. It is unbelievable how many times my GK would parry a shot and then my defender would slowly chase after the ball even though he can easily catch up with it and then let it out for a corner completely uncontested and then I concede from that exact corner. Streamable link as example https://streamable.com/dgubw2
  4. if a goalkeeper makes a save and parries the ball out to the byline and it is about to roll out for a corner, in real life a player would stand over the ball and attempt to block the opposing player and let the ball role out for a corner, however in football manager the players will usually just run into the ball and dribble it out of the pitch giving them a goal kick... This also happens when a pass is missplaced and is going out, if the player is running too fast he will sometimes just run with the ball out for a throw in instead of putting his foot over the ball and stopping it as he r
  5. When doing an international save you are unable to create a training schedule for the team, as well as this whenever I am competing in the euros or world cup with games being so close together, I have had to play many games where my starters have half match fitness and stamina which just is not the case in real life, if this was the case during the euros players would be passed out from exhaustion at half time
  6. I am currently trying to sell Ayoze Perez but no club is interested due to his high wages, so I would want to discuss with perez about the possibility of lowering his wage demands in order to be sold and get more playing time, however in the discuss tab I am only given a very limited amount of options, as A manager I should be able to talk to a player freely, I understand it is impossible to get every scenario as everyone will want to say something different however as you are able to ask a player to lower their wages sometimes this sort of shout should always be accessible. and preferably if
  7. I am not sure of the logistics behind this or if it is possible as there is probably engine limitations or something i dont know, as I am not a games developer, but shouldnt the animations be more realistic for a $40 game where I have to heavily mod the game myself to use real leagues/kits/player pictures due to the limited licensing (which is understandable). like it is so infuriating watching my players do a slow walk into an opponent and then just walk in a circle around them, or when a player tries to mark and tackle they just stand there staring at them, then the goalkeepers have ex
  8. stop giving the "G/A" of a goalkeeper in match reports or domestic round ups, as well as when I have a international save and I get a report in the inbox saying "Ward should be dropped, 0 G/A this season" what instead I propose to be given in the report is, -Saves -Clean sheets -%pass completion --Minutes -Number of cards/Fouls -Errors leading to goal
  9. Please, please, please for the love of god have it so that the player positions in tactic one does not affect the player positions in tactic 2, it is so unbelievably annoying and frustrating
  10. I think we should have the option to take over an existing manager instead of creating our own ones. For example imagine being a Liverpool fan and being able to control Gerrard and have him win the title with rangers until eventually you take over liverpool, or even spurs and try and get Ryan Mason the youngest manager in the prem a trophy, even if it is spurs and they are allergic to silverware
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