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  1. Is there a place where I can see what players I've already signed, that are joining the team during the next window? It's probably staring me in the face, but I can't seem to locate it. I tend to oversign, because I forget I have someone coming in.
  2. Agree with Francis#17, it depends on the manager. I have never had a loan cancelled over it though....
  3. The Athletic has some great FM articles as well. Search for them. They can give you some basics. American, here as well. The more you watch, listen (I listen to podcasts), and immerse yourself the more the game makes sense. I've avoided specialty leagues in FM like MLS because their rules are quite different than most of the world in terms of contracts.
  4. It's my daily, learned something new with Football Manager. I had know idea the affiliate affected commercial aspects of the club.
  5. You could wait it out until he complains, and then play him as promised until he becomes settled again. Once settled you could then play him less until he complains again. Many times if you're doing well enough as a team (and the individual player isn't selfish) they will be content (enough) with this strategy. I ride the rollercoaster this way in my saves. I've never seen a breakdown (I've honestly never looked though) of how many matches and minutes the various playing time promises require.
  6. Have you ever turned down an offer in the past (earlier in your career even)? I find that once you turn down a couple of offers you don't receive as many or any after awhile. That's purely anecdotal on my end though.
  7. Unfortunately, you must ride it out as XaW has posted. I had an unsettled player for almost the entire season in my previous save.
  8. This is one of the many areas of the game I haven't even touched.... Is there a way to see what the size of the field is when you're playing an opponent? I don't think I've noticed it, but could have clearly missed it.
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