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  1. Aight it was my fault my tactic was trash lmao my apologies to the si team 🤣
  2. I was waiting for the replies from all you guys but I played a game with the same tactic but changing it to support duties and I had 650 passes and won 2-0 maybe that's one of the reasons I thought I was doing it all right. What would you do if you were trying to recreate the 433 - 235?? I just started playing when fm 20 dropped too so that's probably why I don't know a lot about roles and the engine
  3. Sheesh guess I got it all wrong 🤣🤣 Good looking out tho always willing to learn
  4. Didn't mean it as in they don't care about the game cause obviously they work really hard on the game I meant it more as in once klopp started dominating they really focused on implementing that style which in turn overpowered a lot of teams.
  5. I get you I just feel the si team can do so much more in terms of possession when klopp dominated the league they implemented his gegenpress philosophies in the game making liverpool and other teams that used it unstoppable yet when pep dominated the league they never implemented his philosophies I get it's harder to recreate peps but idk it seems they don't try or they don't care about possesion football because people say its dying and everything is modern. I just don't like how the si team kinda forced you to play gegenpress to win. I've won the league with some mid table teams just using g
  6. This is how I set up. I know Koba is injured but it's just so you guys can see my usual starting 11. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips and criticism so I can try to play like pep. I was also watching Barcelona play a few weeks ago and they have possessions where they pass the ball like 60 times all short passes before finally breaking thru. In fm 21 my player always do like 15 passes and then blast the ball lmao it gets me mad. When klopp was dominating the league with gegenpress fm team really implemented his philosophies into the match engine making teams like liverpool and man utd cr
  7. I need help I've always been a fan of guardiola but I struggle to get 600+ passes when trying to recreate the 2-3-5 in fm 21 the most I seem to get on average is like 400 - 580 passes a game. Been watching a lot of premier and when I check passes completed for peps city every time they play they always have like 650 + passes a game except against bielsa. Anyone got any tactics that recreate the 235?
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