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  1. It will play the game fine as long as he doesn't go overboard with he settings and doesn't do much else at the same time. Tip is to wait as long as you can for a sale before buying anything.
  2. It should play fine (my brother has played casually with a few leagues on his 2013 MacBook Air 13"), but the battery doesn't last for very long while you are gaming on a MacBook (I would say cutting it by maybe even 70-80% depending on how you're playing). So don't assume you'll be getting 12 hours of FM. The other thing is, touchpad controls in the Mac version of FM are not designed the best and can occasionally be wonky. Hard drive space is also an issue but looks like you've taken that into consideration (but getting the 256GB and putting most of your stuff onto an external drive is much be
  3. I have the one in the middle, with the 256GB drive. I'm used to something a lot bigger so I'm still working out a workflow for storage. Have played five-ish seasons without it slowing down much. Loaded big 5 leagues all three leagues down, plus watching about another dozen, on a large database.
  4. Would be overkill for FM but not for video editing. It's also a little bit of future proofing given that everything just seems to be more RAM intensive these days, but CPU power has not improved as rapidly as it used to.
  5. What you picked is good. I have the same computer but from a couple of years ago, with a similar CPU but less RAM. Same casing and keyboard etc. Only complaint is the touch pad is serviceable but not good. Keyboard is quite comfortable to type on. I run about 10 leagues with a large databse and have had games of maybe 5-10 seasons so far and I find the speed acceptable. I have just replaced the disk drive with an SSD and I hope that will make saving and loading faster.
  6. You could probably find one with a larger screen, but 15.6" with full HD display should be plenty. Else you could plug in a large monitor. It is unlikely that you can upgrade the graphics card on a laptop even if it is dedicated, simply because manufacturers do not tend to make graphics cards for laptops unless they are actually putting it into a laptop.
  7. You'd be surprised at those extra couple of pounds. It's not just the weight though, it's also the thinness and battery life. Watching my brother slip it into his bag like it was a thin folder (without needing his charger, which is another thing that most laptops need) when he refused to carry his old laptop around every day (it was technically only slightly heavier) tells me that portability and battery life are much more important than people realise. Of course, I'm a bit hypocritical here looking at the computer that I use, but I can't help but get the feeling that we as windows centric u
  8. Not that I dont believe you (that's a reasonable price) but can we get a link please? As you know, those were not the specs we are discussing in terms of ultrabook usage (otherwise you're being ripped off here). By the way, the MacBook air costs less than that depending on the configuration.
  9. I went to look for a good comparison of ultrabook class computers and you're spot on. http://www.ultrabookreview.com/177-ultrabooks-macbook-air-good-great/ It looks like the MacBook air is at least competitive in terms of price and specs so it does defy the common knowledge regarding Apple products, but you'll have more choices going for a windows ultrabook especially if you need a high resolution screen.
  10. That's the common wisdom among Windows users, but if it were that easy to find a better laptop (lighter, faster, better battery life) then surely you would have given a few examples? Otherwise I would have to assume that you are disagreeing out of principle. I'm not a Mac user, so I am keen to hear about laptops that are comparable to the MacBook Air but are cheaper.
  11. The MacBook Air is perfect for uni and work use. It's extremely lightweight and more powerful than you would think. It is also ridiculously quiet and long lasting. My brother uses a 2014 MacBook Air 13" i5 with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. We just got through a session of Diablo III with his MacBook Air loading almost as fast as my desktop. As for the price, it is actually very difficult to find a cheaper alternative to the MacBook Air if you want that combination of lightness, battery life and power. Other laptops are either weaker, heavier or more expensive. Apple products are expensive, but
  12. The laptops are actually very similar as you have probably noticed. the 3110M is older, but runs at a higher base clock and thus uses more power. The 4210U uses less power but runs a bit slower. However, it is newer and that means that the hardware won't depreciate as quickly. If you look at the comparison, you'll see that each has its advantages spec-wise: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i3-3110M-vs-Intel-4210U My advice would be to look at what mainly whether you'll be taking your laptop on the road much. If you do, the U series chips help preserve power and give you more portability. If
  13. If you're set on those three pick one of the ones with 8GB RAM. those are decent computers and if you're not a hardcore FMer you should have a lot of fun with it.
  14. Looks like a decent deal depending on the state of the laptop.
  15. Yes, that should be fine. But 3D matches might need to be run on lower quality to be at a satisfactory speed.
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