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3 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. Just got an interview offer from Liverpool lol they will be shocked when i knock it back.
  2. Zero... not one player has made my first team or been sold for any worthwhile money but i think that's pretty realistic I was only able to upgrade anything (Training/Youth Facilities) at the start of my championship season so would make sense that our club doesnt get decent youth intakes. I know its random and you could get lucky. Would of been great to have someone like that though in the early days.
  3. Wrens Nest Season 2039/40 WE STAYED UP!!! Transfers are hard, tactics are hard. Finances are easy lol. Not much to report we had a solid 15th place finish but really struggled until the January window, when we brought in a player who actually was scoring goals regularly.
  4. Really? I broke even in my season in the championship where are your wages at compared to the league?
  5. I might be in trouble... Do you think I can pull a Leicester city ?
  6. Thanks! Its been a wild ride. I have never made it past the group stages of the CL and I have been playing since FM 19. I always play a one club (or try to) ladder climb with a random VNS/VNR team, which is why I have loved this challenge so much!. My goal is to at least make the final before FM 22 comes out. Thank you again for the work you have put into this challenge.
  7. Wrens Nest Season 2038/39. WHAT A SEASON! We started out ok sitting just outside playoff spots until october had an awful run of form through to december. I was thinking we were going to struggle to just stay up. Then it clicked we were unbeaten through the last 3 months of the season, winning our last 9 reg season games and unbeaten through our last 18 reg season games. Which shot us to 4th in the league. Our semi-final was won in the first leg putting up a 0-4 win over Reading (6-0 on agg). THEN THE FINAL. We went up in stoppage time in the first half. Gave back a goal half way through the 2nd. Thinking it was destined for extra time until the top goal scorer in the league Butler hits the winner in the 94th minute. Back to back promotions, in to the top flight. Here starts the real challenge, staying up then qualifying for the Champions league. We have 21M in transfer budget hopefully can find some cheap quality to build up the club. League overview: Crazy end of season run: Ass Man Report: We have to build a new stadium: Playoff final: Current financial (Before any solidarity payments etc but new budgets for next season) Current Squad:
  8. Yeah that's what i thought. My rep is down around the L2/L1 teams nowhere near championship level. Need to get onto the board about training facilities. Scouting range has just increased so hopefully we can snag a few good young players for cheap to sell on in a couple of seasons. Using what budget I do have for signing bonuses and wages.
  9. I was given £1M in my initial budgets for next season but I am really hesitant in spending it as we only have 400K in the bank. Should I try and build out my squad with the money or should i try and find that one signing that will carry my squad... or try not to spend anything and just work on getting decent loans and free/end of contracts? The last 3 seasons i have been predicted to finish in the relegation zone and i have either challenged for promotion or been promoted without spending more than £20K on a player (maybe one or two of those).
  10. Wrens Nest Season 2037/38 We won automatic promotion in our first season in L1. Had a shocking last month and half was challenging for the title then we won 1 from 8 games. Going to need to recruit well to stay up. Competitions Squad Ass man Report: Finances (Before any solidarity payments etc. I think we need to upgrade the stadium again due to the Championship rules) MVP: Harvey Shackleton
  11. Solid season. We are upgrading our youth facilities this season. Wanted to do training facilities but the board said no
  12. No hate. You are doing an awesome job. hopefully you can survive and build up some finances. Do you have any players you can cash in on?
  13. Gee i feel like I am just scraping in to the promotion fight and you out here winning titles every year but 2. What tatic you playing with ?
  14. Yeah I have been using this only for this season has worked pretty well. Highest goals for in the league. I changed it up to fit certain players like Pruti on the wing. I was playing a 4-1-2-1-2 (Wide D). I like the 2 up the front and the holding mid playmaker or ball winner. I have made a slight change in the pre season moving the CM up into a ACM time will tell if it is too attacking with my current squad which isnt great for L1 but we have been tipped to go back down the last 2 season and that resulted in a playoff final defeat and a promotion 6 games before the end of the season. Set the record for highest points total without winning the League.
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