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  1. I don't know if it's a bug, but on Torino's club info there is no mention about Juventus as a rival. In Juve's profile it is properly displayed that Torino is tbeir rival and the name of their derby. Is this a bug or am I missing something? The only alteration I made was to rename Zebre to Juventus. Could it possibly affected it? If I'll get home I'll check if their other rivals display them as a rival, but wanted to ask in advance in case it is sonething known. Edit: After asking around in other places, it's now confimred that it is caused by removing the
  2. Ah, my bad, wanted to upload here... Anyway, I've just uploaded it to the cloud. "Péter Kovács - RB Leipzig" Do I need to do anything else? I can't seem to link it to you, but I guess you can see it.
  3. Hey! Sorry, kinda forgot about my post. I actually thought that I won't have a save, but my oldest Leipzig save is just at the end of the season. The bug happened when the new season rolled over in the middle of June, but as I said, it only happened once. But how can I upload my save if it's 128 MB? I'm only allowed 9.77MB max.
  4. It was my second to third season turnover with RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, and in a span of a day I've got 72 new messages. Most of them were my staff and youth players retiring en masse. Basically I had no staff members left behind and many of my 15 and 16 year olds retired as well. Seemed really weird, so I reloaded from one week ago and it did not happen aggain. I don't require help, as reloading solved this problem, I just wanted to let the devs know that such a problem may occur.
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