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  1. OK. The lads have now been added to mentoring groups however some inluding my Fullback remain with "others" (outsiders) regarding the social group pyramid.
  2. I'm a newbie & I don't know how to get them into a group. Enlighten me.
  3. I bought several players over summer. One in particular my future main man, a FullBack with solid leadership qualities and averages a 7+ rating each game. AND has plenty of leadership qualities. My future Captain when the aging pair at the top retire. HOWEVER my new fullback and the others who signed on this season remain 'outcasts' as far as social groups are concerned and its nearly time for the winter break. How do I get them feeling at home & into the groups? Is there something I can do as the Manager?
  4. Being a newbie it'll be a slow painful season if I experiment on my way to the trophy. I like this strikerless tactic although I'm unsure of the wingers. You guys advised me to change my DM to a halfback to compliment the IWBs. Excellent advice. So I'm back for more. I'm playing Leeds - a non-elite team. The DWs tend to run to the byline forcing a corner in most cases rarely succeeding with the cross. Are DWs best here to compliment two busy attacking midfielders (shadow strikers)? Also - what about CM (att)?
  5. Yes. I see the Half back has left room for the IWBs to operate. Should I waste one of my better creative players as a half-back or find a more DC/DM mentality player?
  6. Gentlemen, thanks for the replies. Seems I should be thinking more defensively for the DM instead of offensively. I'm playing 1st season FM21 Leeds. I switched to a RPM & just as you guys said I noticed the IWBs fishing around in the same area getting tangled up. So based on the formation above what's the effect of a DM HALF BACK vs ANCHORMAN here?
  7. (Newbie question): I've read about mentoring groups & how the seniors can influence the juniors within the group. But how do I get my fringe wonderkids & proming young'uns into those groups to learn?
  8. Thanks for replies. I noticed a DM/DLP is the go-to role here in plenty of tactics but I found the DM tended to go forward more as zzZzZzZz mentioned. I was concerned about space behind him. I was considering an Achorman. I'm off to watch what the wingers get up to when the DM joins in the attack.
  9. What DM role best suits this tactic? The CM(att) when we're in possession is off like a flash rushing towards goal and bags his fair share of goals along with the two Shadow strikers.
  10. Can you comment on your choice of Anchor Man. Do you find a defensive Anchorman more effective than the DLP Regista or DM?
  11. I'm using the FMSE editor (free) with touch 21. When I try & BUY the full in-game editor STEAM rejects order saying I must first buy the full FM21. Any solution?
  12. Newbie. Want to watch a player or two throughout the game. Q> HOW TO KEEP player's NAME ABOVE HIS HEAD throughout the game rather seeing it for a few seconds as he kicks/runs with ball?
  13. Love watching this tactic play out. I've switched the DM to a Regista & CM to BWM. The Regista I'm muchly pleased with. The CM I haven't given much attention to. What role do you guys envision the CM to be to compliment the DM regista?
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