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  1. hahahaha I know the struggle of using this file It takes ages to load on mine aswell. But thank you so much for helping me out. Now I know what to do finally.
  2. Where can I give them the highest seeding? Also let me try explain how the tournament works. There are 134 teams in total and 3 stages to the tournament. Stage 0 has the qualifying round. The Qualifying round has 108 lowest seeded teams which equals to 54 matches. So the 54 winners will qualify for the next stage which is the group stage. Then Stage 1 is the group stage. This stage will have 64 teams; 54 winners from the previous stage + 10 random lowest seeded teams and there will be 16 groups in total (4 teams per group) and 1 team per group will qualify for the Main Tournament. Then Stage 2 is the main tournament which consists of them 16 group winners from the stage 1 + the top 16 teams from the summer qualifier which equals to 32 teams in total for the Main Tournament. But for some reason this error keeps appearing:
  3. I created a summer and winter qualifier tournament for a high school national tournament. I want the top 16 teams from the summer qualifier to start in the later rounds of the winter qualifier but they end up starting in the first round. How can i fix this ?
  4. Yeah sure the file is just below. The tournament is called Winter Championship - Kanagawa Preliminaries. I put the First Preliminary teams into 16 sections (Stage 0) and each section winning team qualifies for the Main Preliminary. Japan Nihon-League 2021.fmf
  5. Whenever i try to test the rules, no matter how much I try fix it, this bug keeps coming. Does anyone know how to fix this ? I am trying to create a high school competition qualifier for a National Tournament and im trying to create a preliminary tournament (stage 0) in groups and the best 16 qualify for stage 1 which is the Final Preliminary Qualifier for the National Tournament. I feel like i probably done the qualification wrong. If you know how to fix this, please help me i've been working on this file for ages.
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