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  1. Seriously guys. It's been five months. This is ridiculous.
  2. I won't be buying the new one until this is fixed. Absolutely disgusting that it hasn't been fixed yet. Bet they wouldn't like it if I took like four months saying I'd pay for the game and then not pay for it in the end. Disgusting.
  3. It's the year 2047, we have colonised the moon, cars fly, we have chips in our brains yet this bug still exists.
  4. Guys. The next game will genuinely be out before it's fixed. Do we really think that's good enough?
  5. Look guys are you actually gonna get this sorted or not? It's been over a month since I reported it, and over multiple months since other people have. The next game will be out by the time you get your fingers out and sort it!
  6. I'm just not going to buy the next one if they don't fix it.
  7. Any luck replicating this, I haven't found a workaround at all. Makes simulating a season with a tactic impossible.
  8. Also when playing the game, my reserves team don't use my tactic in matches even though it's set as their current tactic in the reserves screen. Not sure if this bug is similar to the main one we're discussing.
  9. I think I have some information that might help. When I play the game up until it's time to submit squad and proceed to the match, then holiday for one single day instead, it will use my tactic. When I holiday indefinitely over multiple matches in a row to essentially simulate a season, it will not. Therefore I tested further, playing as Arsenal I reached the game against Liverpool, instead of playing the match, I holidayed indefinitely covering about 8 days of in game time. The first match (Liverpool) we used my tactic and not the assistants preference. The second match a few days later was against AZ, for this game we used my assistant managers preference rather than my selected tactic. Therefore I feel the glitch lies somewhere here.
  10. And I believe Tom already did that and you didn't respond to him. Personally I've been making new saves with only the prem loaded and beginning to holiday during friendlies and straight away the assistant chooses their own tactic. Nothing else loaded, no different assistant, just the prem loaded and they already change my tactics. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and wiped all saved data. Nothing fixes it. But if you'd really like the full list here we go: Club you are currently managing : Bug occurs with arsenal, Manchester city, Elche, Leeds, essentially every team I use. In game date : Beginning of preseason, date makes no change with how the issue occurs however I have begun with quick start and therefore a regular preseason in the premier league. Issue happens straight away once you reach the first friendly. How many Tactic pre-sets you have : 1 Is the Assistant Manager the original AM or a new appointment: The original, every time Is this in a regular or online career: Regular
  11. Yeah thought it was a problem with my tactic, just doesn't work. Would be nice if they actually got round it fixing it. Been broken since January apparently
  12. I see they've ignored you on this issue, it seems that a fair few people have had this but they won't fix it. Really annoying, it's a big part of the game that they just won't fix.
  13. I've been testing a new tactic and every time I holiday the season and enable the box for using my match tactic, the assistant will always go back to their own tactic instead of mine. I've tried everything to stop it but nothing works. Finally when I was testing it as Elche in the Spanish first division, I uninstalled it from my Xbox and reinstalled it. Without changing any game preferences I tried holidaying again and the first friendly used my tactic. However after this the game went back to using an alternate 4231 tactic rather than the 41320 I was trying to use. I'm on an Xbox One X playing FM21 through gamepass. I have also found numerous people with this issue ranging all the way back to January. I see that because sigames didn't manage to replicate the issue they just gave up. A fair few are having it so it's definitely a problem. Furthermore, I have since wiped my saved data and have changed the install location of the game to my Xbox hard drive and not an external one with no improvement. I am aware that SIGames cannot replicate it, but that is what a glitch is, it is present so still needs investigating. Choosing to not investigate because it can't be found is just admitting ineptitude.
  14. I've had this issue for a few days now and it's annoying as heck. Trying a new tactic and I've been half the teams in the premier league. Everytime I holiday and set it to use match tactic the assistant always reverts back. It's really getting annoying now. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, and the first match I holidayed through used my tactic. But from the second match on it reverted to their own tactic.
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