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  1. It seems like Spain have always had the upperhand against the USSR and now Russia, and the one-sidedness only grew further in this save
  2. Is there a decent amount of English-speaking residents in Moscow? Maybe Connor Jones happens to be a distant offspring of a diplomat or businessman. Doing a test save sounds like a good idea. That way I can also figure out if they board will eventually let me get rid of the club vision - although another part of me wants to keep the restriction intact and truly play like the Russian Athletic Bilbao
  3. I think it has to do with both the difficulty of the save itself (confidentally your best ever FM achievement I assume) and the fact that you left the club (which adds even more ''legendary points''; sometimes that's the last thing it takes to push the naming decision over the line). Also, I'm thinking of starting my own Chertanovo journey soon. You mentioned at the start that you couldn't play w/ the actual club and had to build one from scratch in the editor, is that because of the club vision ''cannot sign anyone''? Would you suggest using RFN's data fix (which also makes Chertanovo's
  4. This squad should be aiming at winning the next Euro/Nations League now. With finance, I was referring more to the club's progress since it'd bursted onto the scene years ago. For example, what intrigued me the most about your 1st season in the CL was not the run (though extremely impressive), but the (at the time) enormous amount of money poured into the club's shabby bank account from broadcast shares and visits to Allianz Arena and the Etihad. I'm a fan of non-league saves so I always get excited for these incidents that can cover the club's expenses for an entire year. Now with t
  5. I really do think that taking charge of Chertanovo again at some point would be rad (like doing a Heynckes). Btw would be great if you could show the club's progress off the pitch such as finance, facilities, personnel and so on. Thanks for putting up something so amazing it made me pull an all-nighter
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