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  1. Absolutely. It's hardly ever even a duel nor does he often need to jump. Literally lands on his head or knee height for him to slam it in on the volley Having said that they're also the most technically demanding cross to deliver accurately, so it's a good idea to train the crossing individual focus and move your fullbacks to the attacking unit, or at the very least, regularly train attacking overlaps
  2. Of course mate, this thread has been a breath of fresh air. It's taught me a lot as well, and many others I'm sure. I actually don't think it's left the front page since your very first post haha. Everyone is truly fascinated by Guardiola. The other thing I'd say is I feel his style of play is something one can't just theorize and translate into the match engine first try. Even if you know exactly what you want, the match engine still has many weird kinks that have to be planned around (like these inside channel runs for example. How hard have we tried to make them work? Or the width con
  3. Cheers mate. Somehow this Lyon save has turned out to my most entertaining in FM21 so far. I just wanted to use it for testing at first and then got so invested haha. They're an amazing team. Ole's still here of course, gotta say I've never seen him sacked in any save I've played this year haha. The Match engine seems to like his style. And yeah Rashford got sold to Barca for £90m. Which worked out well for me as Sabitzer was utter tosh on the right flank for them. Hmm the crossing question is a good one. Incidentally I was the one who made the comment you were referring to about how
  4. Hey mate. I've noticed my game occasionally crashes at the end of the match when I use the the match screens mod. Specifically the "match full time review panel". When I take that special file out it never crashes. The freeze seems to happen immediately the match finishes just before it can bring up the screen. The rest of the match screens work perfectly. I'm prepared to dispense with that file if necessary but it does make the end of match screen look so pretty. Wondering if you're aware of this issue and if there's a fix, or if I should just bin that file. It does work most
  5. Yeah I mean Paul Hughes. You don't really need to worry about defensive attributes yet, although of course they will be ideal You need a deep recycler. Otherwise a formation with 2 central midfielders will be able to mark both your pivots without breaking a sweat. Especially as you have two wingbacks playing high up the pitch. They want someone deep to pass to when the attack breaks down. Someone deep to receive the ball when this happens, control it, and switch to the other flank. That's the real purpose of defend duty central midfielders. To function as a base through which
  6. He's the more defensive of your CMs so he will be obliged to stay a bit deeper than he normally would if he had another holding midfielder alongside him. On top of that he's on a support duty which means he's stuck in a very weird limbo. He won't be the best at recycling since you have no depth in your midfield, so it won't be as easy for your attackers to pass back and find him to reset attacks, since he's liable to be marked by opposition CMs because he's not deep enough. Honestly speaking I don't think you need a DLP in the first place. An old fashioned CM(d) would add much more b
  7. Finally, and as a bonus, here's a couple of nice inside channel runs by my Mezzala since I know @Cult of Football Manager loves those Kinda looks like KDB's infamous runs, don't you think? Albeit a bit deeper on the pitch. Unfortunately Aouar hasn't got anywhere near as good crossing ability. We did score a couple goals from this pattern of play during the season, but it didnt hit me to record those then.
  8. The Magic Of Pep Style Football After winning Ligue 1 with a record 100 points and 122 goals scored, it was time to concentrate on the main dish - The Champions League Final. It promised to be a huge challenge. Manchester United had just won the Premier League with a hefty 98 points. In preparation for the final, I decided to journey to Old Trafford and spectate their final game of the season, a dead rubber vs the hapless Sheffield United. I spotted one thing immediately. United attacked with all their players, suffocating their opponents and most importantly, committing th
  9. LB : Stay Wider RM : Stay Wider, Cross From Deep ( encourages inswinging crosses) DM : Hold position LCM : Roam from position ( so he roams to the left flank to help overload. I originally used focus play left but I didn't like that it also drew the striker there) LW : Get Further Forward, Roam From Position That's it
  10. Following on from my comment on the previous page, where I uploaded various pkms of my beloved Schalke carrying out Guardiolae-esque principles of play (see here) I felt it was time for a new challenge. A new environment in a new country. A country where there existed a heavyweight which needed to be toppled, whose financial strength could never be matched. It was time of course, to head to the so-called farmer's league to dethrone the mighty PSG. The year was 2022. The team, Lyon. I wasted no time in applying my tactics and buying a couple of players who could carry out my vision for th
  11. Does be more expressive activate roaming for all my players that aren't on "hold position" or should I still activate the roam PI for those I want to roam?
  12. Tbh headers from offensive players in open play scenarios are still really poor in Fm21 No wonder low crosses is the recommended method. Because even Calvert Lewin only rarely gets his free headers on target
  13. Understand that is your anecdotal evidence. The reality though, is that we know for a fact it does not make a difference.
  14. I would argue that anticipation and decisions and even passing are more important than vision for this.
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