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  1. You didn’t say it’s mostly chance and luck fair enough :-) . But you did allude to the fact that luck is so important that it makes rules less important. I play FMT so don’t get to manipulate players through interaction. Tactics are everything. So I need perfect, or near perfect stats, hmmmmmmm. I also need a reasonably good idea why we lost or won and, yes sometimes it’s down to luck. I don’t think the game provides enough reasoning and doesn’t explain itself well enough through manuals. Hence why I said I understand every rule in chess but it’s still a massive challenge. I don’t understand enough about FM as they don’t provide a strong manual. Hence why I’m on these boards asking bucket loads of questions.
  2. There are some pretty strict rules in football. If chance and luck played such a big role Seria A and the German league would have had at least one different winner over past 10 years. If it’s mostly chance and luck the managerial job would be irrelevant and this game defunct. So it’s not mostly chance and luck is it.... secondly.....I do understand some of the time. But there’s one key difference. I’m not actually in the dressing room and I’m not the manager. What did Pep see when spurs beat them 2-0 earlier this year. I don’t know. But he saw something cos he’s the manager. He then refined and altered his tactics and training to make them almost invincible. Or maybe.......he told them to be more lucky.
  3. Haha. I do want to know the exact reason why I lost a game. In chess I always know why I lose (v often). It’s no secret. But it’s the greatest strategy game of all time. the more you learn the harder the opponent you play against and again you learn. Knowing why you lost allows you to change and develop. Otherwise it’s guesswork. If understanding the rules, parameters and mechanics of a game makes it too easy there’s a problem with the game....especially with the AI which the developers may fear is too easily overrun. So keep us guessing, create debates etc but never give us the full armoury at our disposal.
  4. This is great and really appreciated. I’m also sorry to hear how your last few weeks have been. I think one of the biggest issues is the lack of definition or clarification from SI. which means we rely on the good will of the likes of yourself. lack of clarification means; mentality. I don’t think it’s logical to pair cautious mentality with creativity. If you’re cautious you’ll be playing the safe pass surely. Tight marking in opp instructions. Where, When and what does it actually mean. If I tightly mark an opposition FB cos he’s good at crossing...where does that marking actually begin? same for pressing tempo. This is a real misnomer. The best shortest passing teams play a quick tempo. One touch passing and v quick movement. The most direct teams play at a quick tempo to get the ball forward. The best counter attacking teams eg Liverpool play high tempo to win the ball back and get a shot at goal ASAP. In fact tempo is more reflective of mood. Hence why IRL managers and experts consistently refer to the need for a better tempo after h/t. It’s not as if IRL any team has been sent out to play as slowly as possible. For some reason teams fall into a slow, multiple touches, sideways passes tempo trap. It’s more team mood than direction IMO. Once again appreciate your help. I’m beginning to understand the game better. I still think City would hammer spurs. They will in the carabo cup final in 2 weeks I’m sure but I’m really understanding DL LoE. I still think the ME is missing something eg. Teams the defend v deep against United IRL tend to neutralise them. I don’t think the current ME allows for that but......maybe it does and it’s not as easy as deep and narrow with NCBs and FBs on defend!
  5. Hahaha. Hello mate. I think I referenced multiple times how helpful the tactics forum was. Even in this thread. thanks for your help everyone. Freakiie not sure why you’re so angry. This thread would be better off without you.
  6. Good point but I’m also trying to relate to the game in general, not Just the city match. My assistant advised me to tightly mark stones. Does that mean Harry Kane will be marking him at CB? it is a relevant question
  7. Love to but I play FMT on iPad. Can’t do that:-( I posted on this forum as it’s same ME and tactics which is where my post was focusing on. And this forum gets a lot more attention and assistance
  8. Interesting and great advice, but if I’m tight marking eg Silva does that mean I’ll drag my FB out of position if he suddenly pops up in a deeper postion? And if it basically is a mechanism for stopping the dangerous players why not tightly mark all of them in every game? and sorry to be annoying but why not tightly mark and close down every creative player all over the pitch? I’m asking because you’re offering valuable help!
  9. It’s fine :-). I’m sure it is repetitive but that probably tells a story! just easier for me to relate to my own example than trawl through forum tbh, and it’s got a discussion going so definitely a good topic.
  10. Appreciate the advice. I asked about closing down and tight marking in tactics forum but seems like can of worms. does tight marking mean they’ll be marked all over the pitch, which would destroy my shape? Someone in the tactics forum said I should hardly use any instructions and trust your players to mark someone in your box. Hmmmmmmm m. The ambiguity comes from SI. I need to really understand what tight marking and closing down means. Where it happens. When best to use it
  11. But how am I letting them do it??? And why isn’t it happening in other games? I really don’t mind if De Byrne plays a perfect ball on to the head of eg Stones. Undefendable fair enough. But Sterling or Silva. In my 6 yard box, which I’ve loaded up. Come on!
  12. True that! But lack of yellows was because I changed instructions to stay on feet from get stuck in after 15 mins. This was because we were giving away countless free kicks which their tiny players kept on winning headers from. Again an anomaly. I play FMT so training v basic. There is no match to match influence on training. Ie doing defensive training in week before game is irrelevant
  13. Except it’s not a rendered game of football. It’s a rendered game of FM. so you’re watching something that isn’t happening naturally. I really don’t believe FM is scripted but I’m concerned there are more comments like this than FMs peak a few years ago. As they try to balance things more and more (which is fair enough) they’re creating artificial scenarios to creat that balance. Eg strikers who can’t score so that a team doesn’t win by 10. all this betrays a problem in the ME. I think SI are finding it really difficult to limit the dominance of the best teams in each match so find sticking plaster solutions. I have no problem with the developers, it must be really complicated, but I think they’ve gone down a rabbit hole.
  14. Lol same could be said for my defence. It is Spurs! it’s annoying as it makes me think sod tactics. Play the same way throughout the season and see how we end up. I’m sure there are very specific tactics that must have some impact. And my training is very attack focused. Maybe I need to do 2 months of defending training before games like this. id like some guidance from the developers.....good luck! They have to understand that FM isn’t football, it’s a game with its own rules that they really should share with us so we know the tools and parameters we are working with.
  15. Cheers chaps. It was part rant. I’ve been on the tactics forum and received some great advice. My tactics weren’t too passive at all. Just went for a deep 442 with defensive CDMs. watching the shortest players consistently winning headers at corners goes to show there’s a problem in game. It feels like the code is trying to make something happen to account for the total attribute discrepancy. I’ve used the tactics ive been advised to use. Seriously 23 shots on target and 46 over all 😂! If I was playing 424 high line maybe, at least we’d have some shots. people will try to argue it’s my tactics. They were not that bad. This is an anomaly in the game. Defending deep just gives the opposition loads of shots. IRL it would mean loads of possession and fewer shots. They wouldn’t have the space. I was narrow and packed the. central areas . It’s still where the majority of their shots came from. 46 and 23. Frankly it’s absurd
  16. A record number of shots conceded. Sterling and Silva winning headers from corners. This game doesn’t get the fact the defending deep closes space. I don’t mind losing. But it’s ridiculous how easy City find it to rack up all those shots. Might as well always play on front foot as you concede less chances. And before anyone says the best form of defence is attack..say that to hodgson etc. IMO The reason the game does this btw is that it’s calculated the totals before the game and then creates a narrative to fit that.
  17. haha. I wonder how Arteta’s save is coming along? Probably complaining to SI about last minute goals from slavia Prague and Partey/ willian/ auba etc being unrealistically rubbish. Good luck in finishing in top half ;-)
  18. It’s a minor relief that the shadows are finally back on matches in FMT on iPad. At least in the summer months. Once autumn comes they look pretty bad again (not inc night matches). Such a shame as the first iteration of 21 was well defined. Then diluted diluted and diluted again. Anyway..... is there a way of making every game look like it’s in the summer as it’s so much a better watch than the turgid fare SI have lumped us with from October to March (still worse than 5/years ago hahahaha).
  19. A diatribe about a lost love What happened SI? What did you do to FMT and why? Judging by some of the comments on the main forum my issues aren’t limited to Touch.A few years ago this was a fun beautiful game. Engaging, exciting, attractive, intuitive and unputdownable. Why are you breaking it? Why make it worse??1) graphics. Undeniably inferior to 5 years ago! Why?? Please explain what happened. Apparently this also relates to FM. so further reason for an explanation.2)match gameplay. 20 was universally acknowledged as a pigs ear ME. Reptitve, lacking in creativity, strange player performances which suggested attributes were meaningless etc etc. So this year is better. OMG it had to be. But why was it so much worse than 5 years ago? What are the reasons behind fixing the 17 ME to the point of destruction when it wasn’t broken in the first place.3) removal of liked features. Where has the timeline gone? Why do that? You’re making unilateral decisions and making the experience worse....aren’t games meant to get better? No consultation just there you go people, put up or shut up!4) player ratings. Very confused 5) match analysis. We all know this is consistently inaccurate but you pretend it works every year6) results. I don’t mind losing. Actually I quite like the challenge but why am I losing?? Your deliberate ambiguity about tactics and gameplay hide the fact (IMO) that it’s much more random than you want to let on. Strange results happen a lot in football but the manager usually knows why. With FMT it’s mostly guesswork. No it’s not scripted because that would be fraud and SI is trying to make a good game. You’ve just lost your way.7) goal of the month. Usually always owned by my team. Joke8) most KM run in a season. Usually always owned by all my teams players. joke9) tactics. Not updated beyond some rebrands for years10. Attributes. Not updated for years.
  20. Which is a great attitude to have and all power to you and those who enjoy it. I’m slightly more circumspect. Wish I could throw myself in with abandon as I used to love the game and now I feel like I play it out of habit. Things like the LOE and DLs logic, if not intuitive, should be shared with the players. We pay to play it. So help us out SI is my opinion. As you’re so helpful let me ask about marking and pressing. Does always mark and always press on individual instructions mean that player will be literally marked/ pressed anywhere on the pitch? If I’m gegenpressing should I be always pressing individuals across the entire opponents team? I guess what I’m asking is.....how do you think these instructions are best utilised? if I understand these instructions better i will enjoy the game more.
  21. Cheers guys. Tactics eyes are being opened!! I really do wish SI explained things more because it’s still a game and not football and, therefore, will have its own idiosyncrasies. but it’s great that forums like this exist. And shows the community spirit. IRL Man C are, clearly this year, the exemplary PL tactic model. You rarely get another big club manager not trying to emulate their very simple philosophy....ie make the pitch as big as possible with the ball and as small as possible without it. The suggestion is that they play incredibly wide in possession and will surround the opponent when they’ve got the ball. Does this fit into FM parameters? @Freakiieyou said that playing wide and short passing isn’t compatible but surely that’s how Citeh play? understand I’m moving away fromDL etc now but it’s an interesting conversation and building my tactics picture
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