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  1. Why wouldn’t I play defensive away do our biggest rivals whose attack is full of pace?? I refer to the above. This formation beat city only 2 games before. I’m not alone with people asking these questions. If the game is different. If it’s tougher. If it has more intricacies then I’d like to know what’s going on. I appreciate your help I really do but this version is odd IMO.
  2. Please tell me. My theory is I need to counter press at some point. So keep quite a neutral DL and LOE. And press when it LOE kicks in. Btw this same formation beat City 2 games before. It ain’t that awful!
  3. How can I concede so many chances with a defensive tactic and relatively good team? Am I missing something? The games, performances and results are so random in 21. It feels so far from reality tbh. how do I create so few chances? In any formation btw with Kane (regularly misses pens), Son (rarely scores), bale and lo celso.
  4. if you play defensive football you can lose that’s fine. But ffs. 31 shots and 16 on target conceded. With a top 10 PL team. BS. This game works to its own rules that a lot of us simply don’t understand. SI don’t explain a thing. We’re either defensive and concede less chances or offensive and create more chances. You don’t get completely overwhelmed and should have lost 10-0 but for the made up algorithm preventing that happening so people can’t say absurd results happen. im sure lots of lovely people can explain to me that a DM on defence duty is 1m to the left of correct balance team balance but let’s face facts. This is rubbish. The game rewards morale and virtuous circle results happen. So a lot of players are happy because they’re winning. But it’s down to chance. This game is so flawed. I don’t enjoy winning. I’ve never instant resulted until this version now I do it virtually every match.
  5. Go to your account icon top right of Apps home. Then click on purchased. You’ll find it in that list :-) are you enjoying 21 on iPad?
  6. this is a forum to share experiences so not sure why you’re highlighting my moaning. I am being hyper critical but SI have no competition so they do need to hear the bad stuff. in relation to the West Ham game I didn’t change anything cos I felt redundant apart from closing down Antonio- which had no impact and doesn’t seem logical anyway. As the stats are wrong, I can’t watch highlights cos they’ve been removed, you can only properly analyse at halftime on iPad it’s become increasingly difficult to understand what is going on. I really don’t know why my team beat West Ham. So it’s not enjoyable. I feel like the game is fake. yes I do keep buying it. It’s only £20 so sod it. But I think it is getting worse. I think no competition has left SI clutching at straws. Maybe full fat is better. But FMT on iPad is a bug ridden, feature removed, inexplicable game with worse graphics than 5 years ago.
  7. And to drone on….I’d love to show you highlights of the game I just played against West Ham away. I can’t because SI took highlights away from the game after years of being there and they CBAd to fix it. Another fine piece of work for tablet players from SI….. Anyway. West Ham away. 2-0 down after 15 mins to 2 Antonio goals whose playing as a lone striker in4231. My ASsman says we should always close him down. Now if I listen to advice on the forums the instructions to man mark and close down disrupt the shape of my defence. So what is official solution? Should my players not be marking and closing opposition down in my own box anyway! I did instruct to close him down and after 60 mins we equalise 2-2. I know. JUST KNOW. The special SI algorithm will kick in at this point and West Ham will score…..Lo and behold…Antonio gets ball following our corner inside his own half, skins 3 of my defenders and scores a worldly from just outside the box. Closing down not really working but how can it when Antonio is supercharged to messi status by the programming. we end up winning 4-3 god knows why. I feel like I’m watching a really crap match on tv that I basically have no input over. Even when I win I feel flat. Other people love the game so I’m clearly missing something but I think it’s awful. Worse than 20 which was a terrible game with about 3 team moves. I really do wonder if it is just a tally of attributes, throw some algorithmythic dice and pretend we’re playing a game.
  8. This is a really cogent reply and very much appreciated. FM17 does provoke alot of debate. I love it. It seemed so accessible. The graphics have only just been matched……IMO! the chess analogy I get what you’re saying. But a player can analyse and learn after playing chess. That seems unlikely in FM, certainly on the inferior tablet version with very sketchy stats. I have recently drawn several matches in a row after leading with a few mins left against weaker opponents. As each game goes by I tighten up a little more, ask the players to focus, get a tad more cautious and still concede the same CB’s asleep equaliser. It’s monotonous. It feels like fate. It feels like the code is controlling the outcome and takes away the illusion of reality. I find this version repetitively frustrating. haha. Great comment you make about Pep with one caveat….most people could see he flawed his tactics for the final. He was trying one of his mysterious CL stunts. I don’t mind taking tactical risks and being found out. I do mind putting together a very logical team and formation and still conceding the same bloody goal whatever I ask my team to do because, frankly, the programme has made it inevitable.
  9. The graphics were better, the gameplay felt more realistic….IMO. and it’s all about opinions. When I criticise SI about a lack of explanation I refer to things like tactical instructions such as always mark. What does that even mean?? Always mark all over the pitch?? It’s ridiculous. A fake instruction. Always press? But what if you have a low block DL? It’s obtuse. Not accessible. Poorly explained. Or never press! What happens if my opponent is 3 yards from goal. Does my team still not press him? I don’t need a fellow forum contributor to give me their well worked theory I need SI to take the flipping time to explain what it actually means and what the impact will be. I don’t get what you mean by chess tbh. A bad decision is often immediately realised. Sometimes you don’t spot sometimes you do. Of course the are more layers to football than chess - a lot more moving parts - but I don’t think this game should hold secrets where they don’t need to exist. If you ask you player and team to do something you should see impacts or at least know why there is no impact. Some of the users here seem to think football managers don’t have a clue what’s going on. Say that to pep who took his team from a series of terrible results to a record breaking winning streak by identifying the problems, working on them, changing tactics and getting everything right. As I play FMT on tablet I think get a really inferior experience. Stats are often wrong. No personal interaction so it relies entirely on tactics. Instructions are ambiguous and games often have jarring moments which suggests the players are paying no attention to instructions. Maybe that’s my issue.
  10. I completely agree. People will genuinely try to help on this forum by offering tactical tweaks but it’s all opinion and because they have a rare example of defensive success it doesn’t mean it’s a solution. the real problem is the ambiguity of tactical impact which comes from SI shedding absolutely no light on how each decision affects the game. Their deliberate obliqueness on this belies the fact they don’t want us to understand the workings of the game…..because it’s actually not as subtle as we all pretend it to be. some argue that we shouldn’t understand each decision as it would make it too easy. BS. Like I’ve said before I know how every decision impacts a game of chess and I’m still relatively rubbish at it. FM used to be a masterpiece. Now it feels like an experiment. Inexplicable things happen because the ME has called it that way. This creates massive frustration and anger towards the game. I no longer understand why goals are happening. And don’t bother with defensive football mate, all that happens is your opponents get a ridiculous number of chances. SI will offer no explanation, response or discussion points. They’re on 22 now and any changes made to the secret bits will be kept from us so we have to fork out another wedge of cash to see if they’ve made their first good game since FM17.
  11. Nah you’re right. This game is littered with inexplicable goals, missed chances, crazy decisions and results. Its a charmless game. Just lost 4-1 away to Southampton as Spurs with a 4-1-2-2-1 formation. Neutral slightly defensive. One down after 2 mins when Eric dier walked away from che adams in box. 2-1 down when my entire team was in opposition half and they countered (ball wasn’t even in opp box) even though I set to slightly deep DL. some tactics experts will say I should have man marked their two strikers, others will say I should never do that. it’s a random game. Decided by total OP with split decisions made on the whim of a worsening ME. FM continues to go backwards from its peak. There is a total lack of logic which makes it impossible to really understand tactics. the game on iPad is a disgrace. Highlights taken away, h/t often skips so you can’t do proper analysis, you can’t click on players in ME to find out who they are. That’s just a snapshot of the problems which the developers said they won’t help with 😂 SI in hubris. Can’t wait for some competition!
  12. Kane. Who as a compete forward has got 1 goal in 12 games. In my save. Lol. Did this in my last match. Bear in mind he’s missed two pens in 3 years IRL.
  13. Playing as Spurs. Just beat Man U at home having been playing with 10 men for 70 mins. next game home to Southampton and lose 4-0 cos it’s FMT on tablet I can’t properly analyse the stats as they’re error strewn. I can’t watch the highlights cos the developers decided it was too difficult to put them back in. I can’t analyse at h/t cos a bug means it skips straight to 2nd half. its not morale as we did great against Man U. so I have to guess why my decent team completely flopped. Basically there is no reason. The game just decided. I don’t mind losing at all. But without reasons it just becomes a roll of the dice.
  14. And will they fix it. Nahhhhh! CBA. like all the other bugs and screw ups on this years version. So rubbish. A great game being taken apart by hubris.
  15. Interesting. I play on an iPad Pro and feel really let down. I do wonder if it’s the tablet version which is the weakest this year. They probably spent a lot of time and effort on Xbox etc so neglected tablets. With mine you can’t trust the stats in analysis, the graphics got worse with each update, timeline gone, you can’t click on players to find out who they are in replays, often at h/t the game doesn’t stop so you can’t analyse the match (which was already a step back)). This is to name but a few things. We’ve been told by SI to lump it. does your version have the same issues but you love the gameplay or do these things work well for you?
  16. Delighted to hear someone love the game. For me it’s not good with lots of bugs, worse graphics than 5 years ago, key match features removed and inconsistencies. but I want to hear some positive voices. Can I ask what you play it on?
  17. I just came to the forum to ask exactly the same question. No timelIine is infuriating and totally unnecessary. Just wilfully dropped by SI. And I’ve lost count of the times the match doesn’t stop for h/t so you have no proper way of analysing the match (stats are probably wrong anyway). The in match tablet is a gimmick lacking information provided in previous iterations. you won’t get an newer btw. You’re only a customer.
  18. Just taken over at Spurs and did a quick squad comparison. Are we really the best corner takers in the PL with an average of 9.10?.
  19. I agree. And I also didn’t say go completely defensive either btw. I’m just saying the consensus is that defensive football in 21 is less successful. So don’t go too defensive.
  20. Except when you do that you concede possession, give the opposition more chances and they score anyway!!! As I’ve mentioned on other threads defensive tactics aren’t always the best way to defend on FM. This version rewards attacking more than defensive play. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Basically I hear you @3runhomer
  21. Completely agree. I think attributes should be much more fluid and use them as an indication of the players training that week.
  22. It’s really provoked a great chat. Jose’s just been sacked so maybe taking on Spurs is the impossible job. To go back to the subject maybe I should change it to the utter pointlessness of playing defensive football IRL.
  23. I took a holiday in the game and came back to see some level of success. top 4 in Pl when I usually end 6th the tactics my asst manageR had gone with were highest level of pressing, v high LoE and DL. but hold shape when possession won. So rather than winning the ball high and immediately countering I assume we won the ball high and immediately passed the ball backwards. counter intuitive???
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