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  1. Certainly creates a gap in the market for a tablet management game……

    but I understand SI decision. If it’s not making money they can’t keep making it. For whatever reason, despite the fact it had some great versions, it wasn’t popular. I think the most recent version showed signs of neglect so I’m glad the developers didn’t suffer more barbs on the forum for something that wasn’t being invested in.

    let’s see how the Xbox version works. Full fat is of zero interest to me so 🤞 it’s good.

    maybe FMM will pick up the slack but I could never get into that as the ME is so basic 

  2. Praise be I bought an Xbox a few weeks ago. The controls on 21 on Xbox are awful btw. Totally unintuitive. I hope this improves for 22. I have an iPad as well but I’m old (47). I really hope this is kept simple to play on both devices. Too much talk of mods and porting and desktops that go over my grey head.

    shame but not surprising about touch. SI took a lot of stick about a product which clearly made v little money. I’m surprised more people didn’t play on tablets as it’s so much more accessible, certainly as life gets busier. Oh well :-(

  3. 4 hours ago, Marc Vaughan said:

    Would you mind indicating what platform you're playing the game upon?

    (we always do our best to ensure that the game is fully playable and as bug free as possible on every platform, apologies for your having been adversely affected by issues last version)

    iPad Pro Marc. The technical team are aware of the half time bug, not being able to click on player names, , no highlights etc. We were told solutions are being sought but I think we all knew they wouldn’t be found.

    the game was also updated to reduce the graphics and again we were told to expect a lower quality than the version we bought as it got updated . Which sucks when it looked good to start and then you watch the graphics blur bit by bit.

    you must be aware of erroneous stats. It’s pretty obvious.

    I can also add not being able to make changes after 90 mins in match with extra time. 
    im sure there’s a lot more.

    FMT is nearly great. but something happened at 18 and it’s only just being rectified IMO. 
    I appreciate your replying but we felt ignored. I don’t know how much money FMT makes so investment must be difficult and resources strained. It just feels the game is being suppressed to cater for old machines. What game does that? I got a private message saying they believe this game is deliberately sabotaged not to cannibalise full fat sales. I don’t believe that for 1 minute but it’s not great that people have that theory. It suggests something is missing.

    I wish you luck in next version. I think you’re trying hard. I’ll definitely buy it cos it’s only £20 but I’d pay a lot more for a game which meets the power of a top End tablet 



  4. 10 minutes ago, GreenTriangle said:

    This happened in 2016 in England (Leicester) and in 2021 in France (Lille). Two "slightly inferior" teams won the title in a deeply boring way. World-class defenders have not been able to reduce effectiveness of some strikers such as Vardy or Yilmaz. Ridiculous. FM should in no way simulate such a thing.

    I see what you did there. Very clever. And I don’t do sarcasm.

    my point if you read the thread is not that it’s happening. It’s more how to counter it on FM/ FMT without reading dozens of manuals.

    there is too much ambiguity. No one has ever really explained always mark and always press. Vital things. Above @zyfon5criticised me for tight marking Calvert lewin as a DLF but I had anchor man so why my DFs following him. I didn’t ask either to specifically mark.

    obviously defensive teams win. I want to be one because always attacking to win trophies gets repetitive. but some people have suggested you only win defensively on FM if you really study tactics. I don’t have the time to do that for a game.

    I suggest you read from the top to understand the thrust of this thread.


  5. 19 minutes ago, Johnny Ace said:

    I was thinking more in the offensive stage, they won't get all that forward or stretch the opposition, they'll sit deep & look to lay the ball off & cross from deep which is nice but you could at least send one of them forward. Allowing them to get more forward means Richarlison has to track back to mark them 

    Poacher's best with paired with another striker, so the other guy can do the hard work & all the poacher has to worry about is getting on the end of things. I'm thinking more AF(A), PF(A) or DLF(A) paired with an IF(A). Complete Forwards are an awesome role, even just pairing the CF(A) with an IF(A) would be an offensive improvement so long as both are capable.


    But how best to deal with richarlison btw? Always mark, always press?? Your thoughts appreciated 

  6. 10 minutes ago, Johnny Ace said:

    DMs & DLPs seem to be a running theme around here lately!

    3 man midfield 1)destroyer 2) runner 3) creator 

    Change the DLP to an AP or something, he doesn't need to hold position in the middle of the park when there's an Anchor Man sat one strata behind him. You need someone from midfield attacking the box from deep

    Fullback's on Support are tame when there's a DM & both wide players are cutting in, get them up field to provide some width  

    AP(S) & CF(A) both roam, I'd want one of them dedicated to scoring. Kane's only interested in creating, Parrot's interested in creating & scoring, Pedri's main focus in running & creating   


    I get everything but……..if my FBs attack doesn’t that leave me even more exposed to the Mersey Messi, Richarlison?

    parrott as poacher? Seems to be the only position up front entirely dedicated to scoring 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Jack Joyce said:

    I think the training rating is based on certain factors (motivation, morale etc.) that do feed through to the match. So those factors can lead to a better training + match performance, but the training rating alone doesn't if that makes sense. Not to say that this is a guarantee of performance though, since there's players in reality who aren't hard workers in training that up their game for match days when the pressure's on. etc. It's just an extra consideration for you to make.

    I get that. Appreciated.

    as long as it could have an impact, however small, it’s relevant.

    I got burned a few months ago when I found out the player trait of, for eg, preferring to be on the left of a mf 3 is totally irrelevant to the match. Made me start asking what actually is relevant 

  8.  SI have to ask themselves some serious questions. FMT is about tactics but they’ve taken away highlights, a lot of analysis, half time break often skips, stats are often incorrect and you can’t click on a player during the match to find out who they are. All things which worked in previous versions. By using the full fat engine but removing a lot of our analysis they’re actually chopping our legs off. 

    these are serious problems in what should be, and was, a world class game. So many bugs ignored as well.

    I sincere hope SI take this seriously as the condescending attitude towards bugs and feature removals from 21 was unpleasant.

    oh and pleeeeeeeease stop making the graphics to the lowest common denominator. It makes the game look 1999

  9. 3 minutes ago, zyfon5 said:

    Look at the roles that you have chosen at your left wing (which is Everton's right wing) have you wondered why Richarlison was unmarked there time and time again while you are able to contain any attack coming from the other side?


    You can still concede from a transition no matter how deep you play. Let's say your CB make a mistake by passing the ball to the opponent striker close to your goal. He could easily just dribble a few feet and get a good shot despite your deep defensive line. The closer to your own goal, the more costly these mistakes tend to be and by playing a deep defensive line these mistakes tend to be closer to your goal. You will need to balance out the risk. Sean Dyche knows that Burnley cannot make these mistakes and always instruct the CB to hoof the ball up when they are pressured because he understands the risk associated with playing a low block.


    You absolutely can use possession as a defensive tool. In my journeyman save when I was managing Trinita in Japan, I realize that the team only have technical players and hence designed a defensive tactic that won the league with the best defence while only 6th best in offence with close to 60% average possession. 1-0 wins and 0-0 draws were common occurences throughout the season.


    no matter they are 11 men, 10 men or 9 men the principles of defending is still the same. And they are down a man in the 70th minute I doubt that skewed the possession so much.

    And I have said before playing defensive football is a very delicate balancing act which requires a lot of tactical knowledge. If you really do not have time to study a lot about football, do yourself a favor and just use those tactics that you can be proactive instead of having to react to events in matches.

    My LB is full back on support duty. Hardly roberto Carlos! He’s got strong defensive stats. It’s his job to stifle richarlison surely. And giminez that close to goal whose a great CB. I really don’t understand any other problems with my left flank? Is mezzala too attacking. Camvinga is defensively excellent . Kane works hard.  

    In terms of what you say about defending needing more knowledge then SI have to ask themselves some serious questions. FMT is about tactics but they’ve taken away highlights, a lot of analysis, half time break often skips, stats are often incorrect and you can’t click on a player during the match to find out who they are. All things which worked in previous versions. By using the full fat engine but removing a lot of our analysis they’re actually chopping our legs off. 
    I would be seriously concerned from a developer perspective that you can only properly defend on FM through deep study of tactics. 

    @zyfon5i always appreciate your comments and advice btw. Hope that’s clear. Just having a frank conversation 


  10. 34 minutes ago, zyfon5 said:

    I am going to wager a guess what you will see in the pkm. His team will have lots of possession passing around without any effective offence. Meanwhile, the other team will simply capitalize on mistakes during turnover of possession around the midfield area and destroy his team from transitions. Calvert Lewin will act as a support striker taking all the attention of his defence leaving both wingers from Everton to do the damage due to his narrow defence. And notice how Richarlison playing on the right completely destroy his left sided defence due to the roles that he have chosen. Let me know if I guess correctly.

    The first goal wasn’t a transition. Everton played long ball to left wing and cross from there got to richarlison. Who was unmarked 5 yards out despite playing narrow and deep. And supposedly having him closed down.
    I have 3 class players in mf. They should be able to withstand Everton’s gentle press. I have two attacking runners up front with Kane coming deep and narrow to support the midfield. I’m not too high DFL so in a transition I shouldn’t be caught cold. Actually I’ve put some thought into this.

    so I shouldn’t man mark calvert Lewin? And I shouldn’t do short passing despite having great technicians? No I don’t get it. Nor would any person who hasn’t done a coaching guide.

    I seriously fail to see why this is such a horrible formation and tactic. I don’t have time to study videos. I wouldn’t have time to play civilisation VI if I needed to learn the game by YouTube.


    btw the possession is slightly skewed as they went down to 10 men



  11. 53 minutes ago, Pasonen said:

    Hey could you upload .pkm  of this game. I would like to watch it. Not to analyze what you're doing wrong but out of interest see how ME represents this kind of match.

    Sadly I can’t. I play FMT on iPad and it doesn’t offer highlights. It was taken away for some strange reason. Means it’s less easy to analyse.

  12. It happens again and again and again. Playing away from home against slightly inferior opponent. Go slightly defensive. Get battered. High class defenders have a nightmare. I ask my team to close down richarlison so obviously he scores twice in first 15 with no one around him in area. If SI created, as they program it, a manual explaining positions, pressing, marking etc this would be less painful. But they rely on goodwill. 

    I literally have no idea why this failed so comprehensively. Which is why the game is failing the light user. It’s repetitive and boring.

    one thing I’ve noticed is that if an opposition striker scores early he gets a massive boost and often becomes unplayable. That’s ridiculous.




  13. 2 hours ago, Jack Joyce said:

    Good form improves a player's morale, and a high morale definitely has a positive impact on a player's performance on the pitch. What we don't do though is improve a player's future performance because of their past performance, it'd create a self-feedback loop that just keeps making good players better and better. Form in a way is just short-term variance, which is replicated through a player's consistency (and other hidden attributes), and sometimes it's just down to a run of good fortune.

    Great question. Thank you for answer. And what about the training rating?

    also can I ask where in the manual or help pages does it explain this? If you point us in the right direction we won’t have to ask these questions.

  14. 50 minutes ago, CaptCanuck said:

    To the point of reducing opponent's chances - after using a back 3/5 for all of FM21, the past 1.5 seasons I switched to a 4-1-3-2 and have led/am leading the league in goals conceded/shots against, while also being top 3 in possession stats and at/near the top is goals for. Granted I have the 7th highest wage bill and a very good, deliberately constructed Brighton side in 2027/28, that could contend and win things with a myriad of tactics.

    Anyhoo, for some food for thought, this is my current tactic. I normally concern myself with the attacking movement and having something that will create chances; however, in regards to keeping it tight:

    • 'Regroup' along with being 'Narrow' to begin with helps keep us more compact and helps eliminate giving the opposition gaps they haven't earned through their play by having players chase after lost causes trying to regain possession
    • Everyone bar the AF (as expected) contributes defensively. PF will drop into midfield and even though the IW is on attack, he's at the midfield level instead of the attacking level. It can almost turn us into a 4-5-1 defensively
    • The anchorman as a general sweeper-upper and recycler helps prevent things before they start and can help clog things up, passing lane wise.
    • My back 4 are all excellent, maybe I will run this with default 2020/21 Brighton and see how it goes, but really as Herne mentions above having the right players genuinely helps.
    • General 'Balanced' mentality helps keep everyone from being too rash. I will drop to 'Cautious' now and again, but does that actually help us stifling the opponents attack... IDK


    Interesting. I do think this version favours 2 up front. So even in a defensive set up it’s wise to have 2 strikers

  15. 12 minutes ago, herne79 said:

    The words "Advanced Forward" were merely used to describe your striker.  If you had been using a Complete Forward or Poacher or Pressing Forward then those words would have used instead.  Perhaps it would have been better to just use the word "striker".  So no, the suggestion was never that you using an AF clearly showed you wanted to play on the break.  It was always about your use of TIs vs you (apparently) wanting to play on the break.  However as you say that assumed style of play was incorrect anyway :thup:.

    It can yes.  Adjusting Tempo would be one way.  However, when you adjust passing length it doesn't mean short passes or long passes, it means shorter or longer.

    That's a Counter Press (aka Gegenpress) which is very different from Counter Attacking football.  With a counter press you do indeed aim to win the ball high up the pitch, preferably in the opposition's half, and immediately attack from there.  With a counter attack you aim to drop deep, invite the opposition to over commit players forward before winning the ball back deep in your own half and breaking quickly from there.  This is why we have the "Counter" instruction separated from the "Counter Press" TI.

    So counter and counter press don’t necessarily work together?  I have a mid block in my save right now. With both counter and counter press. I assume that IS compatible 

    sorry to be so persistent. It’s just you’re very helpful!

  16. 41 minutes ago, herne79 said:


    I agree that some more information in game could be useful, however I'm also going to play devil's advocate here and suggest us users don't always read things properly either, which can then snowball a myth into reality.

    Example - nobody in this thread has said that playing an AF contradicts PooD, yet hairbo says someone did which fred then accepts as reality.  This is what was actually said about the AF and Play out of Defence:

    What's being said there has got nothing to do with the use of an Advanced Forward.  The person who made the comment (correctly) pointed out that you are using shorter passing / PooD which perhaps conflicts with the desired intention of getting the ball up to your striker quickly in order to make a break (aka fast transition front to back).  So PooD / shorter passing is the possible conflict with quick transitions - nothing to do with the striker's role.

    Fair comment.

    so quick forward transitions can’t happen with short passing? Isn’t that exactly what Liverpool do IRL? The fluid counter attack preset uses shorter passing and play out of defence. Win the ball, short pass to creative mf, high tempo run up pitch, short pass to striker. Liverpool rarely knock it long to Salah but we’re described  as best counter attacking team in world. I’m in danger here of doing exactly what did before 😂 and reading too much into a comment. 

    someone laughed at my tactics on the tactics forum which was very high press and counter. They said you’ve got no space to counter into cos you’re winning the ball so high up the pitch. Again surely that’s exactly what Liverpool do. Counter means get the ball to the opposition goal as quickly as you can. 

    the ambiguity is doing my head in. I’ve head Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson with Kane up front for 6 months without one headed goal from a cross. I’m really struggling to get my head round this game. I’ve been playing for 20 years!!!


  17. 1 hour ago, Haribo1681 said:

    Instructions like this do make some sense to me - for instance, I try to use opposition instructions to use harder tackling on players with low bravery or increased pressing intensity on players with low composure; conversely, I avoid pressing players with high dribbling ability for fear of my players being skinned!

    I get not man marking players with high dribbling but not closing them down? So you leave them alone?

    Don’t you think it’s more sensible to give their leaden footed CB the ball by never pressing them so they get the ball most of the time. 

    I just don’t think there’s any transparency here. 

  18. 2 hours ago, Haribo1681 said:

    I totally agree with you on this - I never feel like I have any idea why tactics and team selections succeed or fail, so it becomes a case of trying different things out until something clicks, then trying to preserve that for as long as possible until more seemingly unconnected minor changes are required to retain or rediscover form - hence why it often feels like trying to crack a code.

    I've put a post in the main feedback thread where I think the Assistant Manager/backroom team feedback piece is where this really could be improved - not to the extent of suggesting which instructions to use (a push-to-win button like some seem to think is being requested), but just feedback as to what is happening in matches that we don't see by watching highlights - stuff like: 'our three attacking midfielders are often taking up similar positions so we're lacking space' or 'our left back is often short of options so resorts to playing long balls more than we'd like.' At the moment, I'm sure all this is visible if you watch games in full or have the understanding of the data that is collected, but time is precious so many of us cannot do this or simply don't know how. FM collects and presents huge amounts of data, but very little information to then make decisions upon.

    This, combined with having such a large 'box of toys to play with' is why many of us struggle to make 'good' tactical choices - we don't know the affect that many of those tools have on the game and then we don't learn from the mistakes we don't know we make, so we accidentally issue conflicting instructions which cause problems and don't reflect what we actually want. For example - I was told earlier in this thread that using an Advanced Forward contradicts Play Out of Defence, because this makes my team string a couple of aimless passes together, then get frustrated and try to launch it in behind for the forward to chase, which then allows the opposition to counter. I've never seen this happen despite playing POOD and an AF for pretty much four seasons, but apparently this is obvious - in a perfect world, I don't want FM to tell me that this conflict exists because it might still be what I want, but I'd like some feedback from my backroom team that this series of events, which I cannot see, is happening.

    Stuff about AF fascinating. How on earth were we meant to know that?

    I also read somewhere you press useless players not talented players. So someone like Kevin de Bruyne who I always pressed (never man mark as hell draw my players out of position) I’m meant to ignore! 

    it’s just so badly explained 

  19. 3 hours ago, zyfon5 said:

    I played with defensive tactics for two seasons and was equally effective on both not sure if you have read the whole thread. If you want to see how a top team can play counter attacking football and excel with it I can share my recent save with Chelsea which broke all kinds of premier league records while having less than 50% possession while only having the 3rd best squad in the league but that would be boring compared to an underdog team which is the first two seasons when I managed West Brom. And the keeper that you mentioned immediately failed to perform elsewhere when I left the club so I am not sure how much he mattered. 

    And these are quotes taken directly 'defending is failing', 'defending is almost impossible because when you are the weaker team...' and it is clear my tactics disagrees with their quotes. Whether the ME favours which type of playstyle is not what I replied and I respect your opinion on it.

    Simeone and Mou do not play with defensive tactics all the time. They like any sensible coaches know that they have to be on the offensive end on some matches and vice versa is true. Playing with defensive tactics for the whole season will not get them anywhere and the FM world is also not exempted from this. At the same time I have also seen a fair share of people who played with ultra offensive tactics and failed with it.

    I think you’re definitely streets ahead of me tactically. And I agree that each game should present its own dilemma and tactical solution. The problem is, as stated above, a lot of us don’t know why we’re winning or losing and therefore have no idea of what tactic might work. I don’t have time to understand the nuances and SI do very little to explain.

    I don’t understand why, since I bought them, Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson (yes they’re playing for Spurs now people) can’t hit a single decent cross. I don’t understand why Kane misses so many sitters. I don’t understand how Calum Wilson can skin 4 of my defenders and score a worldly from inside his own half.

    I don’t understand what always man mark means as it’s utterly illogical. Same with always press.

    I don’t understand how someone on FM20 put 2 under 18 gks up front for Liverpool and got one of them to be top scorer.

    ultimately I don’t understand too much about this game. I ain’t stooopid. Not very anyway. I get civilisation vi as it comes with a well written manual. It certainly doesn’t mean I win every time. Knowing what everything does.

    I go back to my point. FM is opaque. Deliberately IMO. I really appreciate people like you exist and assist but I don’t want to copy tactics. I want to design my own knowing what will and won’t work. I want to know What parameters FM plays to because let’s face facts it’s a game, not real life. 

  20. 4 hours ago, Nahuelzn said:

    The core issue for me is that the Match Engine is very direct by default (direct in the build up I mean, it generates a lot of chances very easily) and usually favors one team over the other way too much, even when both teams are even. And then get a lot of chances very easily. This makes defensive playing almost impossible because when you're the weaker team, you just concede a lot of chances to the other team and it's just waiting for a goal to happen. In reality, if you play a defensive tactic against a better team and it works, the other team should have some issues creating chances even if they have 65% of possession.

    This also means that it's easy for the human manager to dominate the AI-team even when your team is weaker (although not by much), because AI managers by default are very cautious, so you end up being the "attacking" team most of the time in a situation where maybe in real life you would use a defensive system. And even more, the game doesn't penalize your tradeoff, because most of the time you can be offensive with almost no risk.

    To be honest, even with all of the above, I find that FM21 compared to FM20 improves this and allows some defensive systems that works well and the trade-off issue has been noted. However, I think it still needs some more balancing. I understand defensive football is boring (and tight matches in FM are not enjoyable, it's true), but one should be able to play all styles theoretically, and then the game should reward you or not if you made the right decisions.

    You’re right. Boring matches are part of football. If everyone played pep ball that would get boring (maybe not actually).

    FM has to bolster defensive tactics. Otherwise it’s leaving reality behind.

    too many players are saying the same thing. Defending is failing.

  21. 24 minutes ago, darthrodent said:

    My biggest issue with the game is the inaccessibility to tactical feedback / knowledge as it pertains to success or failure. I didn't just win promotion first season with Birmingham City, I absolutely smashed the league. Why? No idea. It was kind of hollow because in my previous save I had failed miserably with Arsenal. I used the exact same tactical logic so why was I wildly successful with a mediocre Championship team and wildly unsuccessful with a Europe-chasing Premiership club? NO IDEA. I'm not privy to that information. The game doesn't communicate anything useful around my tactics. It's actually really disheartening and very frustrating.

    Could not agree more! It’s deliberately opaque. Just because you understand success or failure doesn’t mean you win everything. But you should be given the information to understand your wins and losses. People say the players like us complain when we lose. Actually I complain when I win as well because half the time I can’t explain it. 

  22. This is actually quite real life. A lot of teams record buy IRL flop at their new club.

    spurs - ndombele

    arsenal - Pepe 

    Man U - pogba….certainly flopped first few seasons

    city - Kane..oooooops

    chelsea - Torres 

    everton - sigurdsson

    It happens a huge amount of time. IRL it’s generally better to be the mid price signing with little pressure. It’s only the real elite few players who cope with record price tags as they have no doubts in their abilities 

  23. 42 minutes ago, zyfon5 said:

    Then it is sort of your fault? Playing subpar defensive tactics and having subpar performance is surprising to you? The truth is playing defensive is much harder than playing on the offensive because you have to react to every move the opposition make and not just slap the same tactic and expect it to work every time.  If you are not interested in learning every aspect of the tactical game, you should do yourself a favor and just avoid playing on the defensive.

    I certainly do not agree that the game is inaccessible. FM is a manager simulation game, not how to do tactics 101. Most tactical instructions already have basic decsriptions attached to it and there is an official manual that described most things in the game. The onus lies with the player if they want to learn more about the tactical side of the game and learning football tactics are now easier than before with the abundance of information on the internet.

    I wish with work, kids, life I had the time to learn like a professional coach but I don’t. It’s a game. Where we all pretend to be world class managers and the suspension reality that entails.

    To make it playable SI obviously have to compromise on swathes of reality. I play FMT on iPad due to lack of time. With it being so stripped back tactics are hugely important. Yes I want a quick guide to every facet. The only other game I play is civilisation which has a instant guide to every single facet of the game (it doesn’t tell you right from wrong). It tells you what everything means. FM doesn’t have that. it really should have.


  24. 18 hours ago, zyfon5 said:

    There are two types of defensive strategy in football: you can either control the ball so that your opponent will not be able to score without it or you can concede possession and control the spaces that the opponent can attack you.

    With the help of statistical analysis, we now know that the further the shot is from the goal, the harder it is to score and headers are inefficient shots. We also know that transitions (shots created within 10s of a loss of possession) tend to generate very high quality shots. We also know that a lot of the high quality shots are generated from the two half spaces. So any defensive strategy will need to defend in a compact shape and protect the two half spaces basically allowing the opposition to take as much of these inefficient shots as possible while minimizing the threat from transitions either from counter pressing or having a good set up to defend transitions.

    Alternatively if you are looking to defend with the ball, you will need to set up the team so that they do not lose possession easily by constantly having passing options and press resistant players. These teams also often deploy high pressing to minimize opponents time on the ball and to force a mistake to create transition opportunities for themselves.

    Appreciate what you’ve written and I see how that translates to the match. But my team (having spent millions) is of immense quality with the ability to play through a high press, keep the ball etc. But when I play deep, counter attack with these high quality players I end up having dozens of shots peppered in on my goal. it just comes back to the point that this years version is relentlessly unforgiving of defensive football.

    I’m not Jose. I don’t have the time in my life to study each intricacy of positioning. but every time and I mean EVERY time I set up with a defensive formation, regroup and counter. We get bombarded. However I nuance the tactic. We get bombarded. 

    the game shouldn’t be so inaccessible to the player who isn’t awash with time. It needs to say what works and what conflicts. And then the player can make educated choices. 

    I’m also bored of the complete lack of transparency around tactics such as always press and always man mark. Like I said above, in isolation the instructions are idiotic. Why on earth would you always man mark someone who isn’t maradona. Always? Even in their own box?? And I’d you don’t always man mark an opposing striker I assume your CBS have the nous to get pretty bloody close to him when he’s 6 yards from goal. Same with always press or never press. Would you seriously not press someone whose clean through on goal???

    im sure they have simple rationale but they’re ancient Tactical instructions which SI have never evolved, rarely explained and leave the player wondering about what will help their team defend better. Again,it’s poor communication and development from the makers unfortunately 

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