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  1. Certainly creates a gap in the market for a tablet management game…… but I understand SI decision. If it’s not making money they can’t keep making it. For whatever reason, despite the fact it had some great versions, it wasn’t popular. I think the most recent version showed signs of neglect so I’m glad the developers didn’t suffer more barbs on the forum for something that wasn’t being invested in. let’s see how the Xbox version works. Full fat is of zero interest to me so 🤞 it’s good. maybe FMM will pick up the slack but I could never get into that as the ME is so basic
  2. Praise be I bought an Xbox a few weeks ago. The controls on 21 on Xbox are awful btw. Totally unintuitive. I hope this improves for 22. I have an iPad as well but I’m old (47). I really hope this is kept simple to play on both devices. Too much talk of mods and porting and desktops that go over my grey head. shame but not surprising about touch. SI took a lot of stick about a product which clearly made v little money. I’m surprised more people didn’t play on tablets as it’s so much more accessible, certainly as life gets busier. Oh well :-(
  3. iPad Pro Marc. The technical team are aware of the half time bug, not being able to click on player names, , no highlights etc. We were told solutions are being sought but I think we all knew they wouldn’t be found. the game was also updated to reduce the graphics and again we were told to expect a lower quality than the version we bought as it got updated . Which sucks when it looked good to start and then you watch the graphics blur bit by bit. you must be aware of erroneous stats. It’s pretty obvious. I can also add not being able to make changes after 90 mins in match with extra time. im sure there’s a lot more. FMT is nearly great. but something happened at 18 and it’s only just being rectified IMO. I appreciate your replying but we felt ignored. I don’t know how much money FMT makes so investment must be difficult and resources strained. It just feels the game is being suppressed to cater for old machines. What game does that? I got a private message saying they believe this game is deliberately sabotaged not to cannibalise full fat sales. I don’t believe that for 1 minute but it’s not great that people have that theory. It suggests something is missing. I wish you luck in next version. I think you’re trying hard. I’ll definitely buy it cos it’s only £20 but I’d pay a lot more for a game which meets the power of a top End tablet
  4. I see what you did there. Very clever. And I don’t do sarcasm. my point if you read the thread is not that it’s happening. It’s more how to counter it on FM/ FMT without reading dozens of manuals. there is too much ambiguity. No one has ever really explained always mark and always press. Vital things. Above @zyfon5criticised me for tight marking Calvert lewin as a DLF but I had anchor man so why my DFs following him. I didn’t ask either to specifically mark. obviously defensive teams win. I want to be one because always attacking to win trophies gets repetitive. but some people have suggested you only win defensively on FM if you really study tactics. I don’t have the time to do that for a game. I suggest you read from the top to understand the thrust of this thread. cheers.
  5. But how best to deal with richarlison btw? Always mark, always press?? Your thoughts appreciated
  6. Cheers!!! I get everything but……..if my FBs attack doesn’t that leave me even more exposed to the Mersey Messi, Richarlison? parrott as poacher? Seems to be the only position up front entirely dedicated to scoring
  7. I get that. Appreciated. as long as it could have an impact, however small, it’s relevant. I got burned a few months ago when I found out the player trait of, for eg, preferring to be on the left of a mf 3 is totally irrelevant to the match. Made me start asking what actually is relevant
  8. SI have to ask themselves some serious questions. FMT is about tactics but they’ve taken away highlights, a lot of analysis, half time break often skips, stats are often incorrect and you can’t click on a player during the match to find out who they are. All things which worked in previous versions. By using the full fat engine but removing a lot of our analysis they’re actually chopping our legs off. these are serious problems in what should be, and was, a world class game. So many bugs ignored as well. I sincere hope SI take this seriously as the condescending attitude towards bugs and feature removals from 21 was unpleasant. oh and pleeeeeeeease stop making the graphics to the lowest common denominator. It makes the game look 1999
  9. My LB is full back on support duty. Hardly roberto Carlos! He’s got strong defensive stats. It’s his job to stifle richarlison surely. And giminez that close to goal whose a great CB. I really don’t understand any other problems with my left flank? Is mezzala too attacking. Camvinga is defensively excellent . Kane works hard. In terms of what you say about defending needing more knowledge then SI have to ask themselves some serious questions. FMT is about tactics but they’ve taken away highlights, a lot of analysis, half time break often skips, stats are often incorrect and you can’t click on a player during the match to find out who they are. All things which worked in previous versions. By using the full fat engine but removing a lot of our analysis they’re actually chopping our legs off. I would be seriously concerned from a developer perspective that you can only properly defend on FM through deep study of tactics. @zyfon5i always appreciate your comments and advice btw. Hope that’s clear. Just having a frank conversation
  10. The first goal wasn’t a transition. Everton played long ball to left wing and cross from there got to richarlison. Who was unmarked 5 yards out despite playing narrow and deep. And supposedly having him closed down. I have 3 class players in mf. They should be able to withstand Everton’s gentle press. I have two attacking runners up front with Kane coming deep and narrow to support the midfield. I’m not too high DFL so in a transition I shouldn’t be caught cold. Actually I’ve put some thought into this. so I shouldn’t man mark calvert Lewin? And I shouldn’t do short passing despite having great technicians? No I don’t get it. Nor would any person who hasn’t done a coaching guide. I seriously fail to see why this is such a horrible formation and tactic. I don’t have time to study videos. I wouldn’t have time to play civilisation VI if I needed to learn the game by YouTube. btw the possession is slightly skewed as they went down to 10 men
  11. Sadly I can’t. I play FMT on iPad and it doesn’t offer highlights. It was taken away for some strange reason. Means it’s less easy to analyse.
  12. It happens again and again and again. Playing away from home against slightly inferior opponent. Go slightly defensive. Get battered. High class defenders have a nightmare. I ask my team to close down richarlison so obviously he scores twice in first 15 with no one around him in area. If SI created, as they program it, a manual explaining positions, pressing, marking etc this would be less painful. But they rely on goodwill. I literally have no idea why this failed so comprehensively. Which is why the game is failing the light user. It’s repetitive and boring. one thing I’ve noticed is that if an opposition striker scores early he gets a massive boost and often becomes unplayable. That’s ridiculous.
  13. Great question. Thank you for answer. And what about the training rating? also can I ask where in the manual or help pages does it explain this? If you point us in the right direction we won’t have to ask these questions.
  14. Interesting. I do think this version favours 2 up front. So even in a defensive set up it’s wise to have 2 strikers
  15. So counter and counter press don’t necessarily work together? I have a mid block in my save right now. With both counter and counter press. I assume that IS compatible sorry to be so persistent. It’s just you’re very helpful!
  16. Fair comment. so quick forward transitions can’t happen with short passing? Isn’t that exactly what Liverpool do IRL? The fluid counter attack preset uses shorter passing and play out of defence. Win the ball, short pass to creative mf, high tempo run up pitch, short pass to striker. Liverpool rarely knock it long to Salah but we’re described as best counter attacking team in world. I’m in danger here of doing exactly what did before 😂 and reading too much into a comment. someone laughed at my tactics on the tactics forum which was very high press and counter. They said you’ve got no space to counter into cos you’re winning the ball so high up the pitch. Again surely that’s exactly what Liverpool do. Counter means get the ball to the opposition goal as quickly as you can. the ambiguity is doing my head in. I’ve head Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson with Kane up front for 6 months without one headed goal from a cross. I’m really struggling to get my head round this game. I’ve been playing for 20 years!!!
  17. I get not man marking players with high dribbling but not closing them down? So you leave them alone? Don’t you think it’s more sensible to give their leaden footed CB the ball by never pressing them so they get the ball most of the time. I just don’t think there’s any transparency here.
  18. Stuff about AF fascinating. How on earth were we meant to know that? I also read somewhere you press useless players not talented players. So someone like Kevin de Bruyne who I always pressed (never man mark as hell draw my players out of position) I’m meant to ignore! it’s just so badly explained
  19. I think you’re definitely streets ahead of me tactically. And I agree that each game should present its own dilemma and tactical solution. The problem is, as stated above, a lot of us don’t know why we’re winning or losing and therefore have no idea of what tactic might work. I don’t have time to understand the nuances and SI do very little to explain. I don’t understand why, since I bought them, Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson (yes they’re playing for Spurs now people) can’t hit a single decent cross. I don’t understand why Kane misses so many sitters. I don’t understand how Calum Wilson can skin 4 of my defenders and score a worldly from inside his own half. I don’t understand what always man mark means as it’s utterly illogical. Same with always press. I don’t understand how someone on FM20 put 2 under 18 gks up front for Liverpool and got one of them to be top scorer. ultimately I don’t understand too much about this game. I ain’t stooopid. Not very anyway. I get civilisation vi as it comes with a well written manual. It certainly doesn’t mean I win every time. Knowing what everything does. I go back to my point. FM is opaque. Deliberately IMO. I really appreciate people like you exist and assist but I don’t want to copy tactics. I want to design my own knowing what will and won’t work. I want to know What parameters FM plays to because let’s face facts it’s a game, not real life.
  20. You’re right. Boring matches are part of football. If everyone played pep ball that would get boring (maybe not actually). FM has to bolster defensive tactics. Otherwise it’s leaving reality behind. too many players are saying the same thing. Defending is failing.
  21. Could not agree more! It’s deliberately opaque. Just because you understand success or failure doesn’t mean you win everything. But you should be given the information to understand your wins and losses. People say the players like us complain when we lose. Actually I complain when I win as well because half the time I can’t explain it.
  22. This is actually quite real life. A lot of teams record buy IRL flop at their new club. spurs - ndombele arsenal - Pepe Man U - pogba….certainly flopped first few seasons city - Kane..oooooops chelsea - Torres everton - sigurdsson It happens a huge amount of time. IRL it’s generally better to be the mid price signing with little pressure. It’s only the real elite few players who cope with record price tags as they have no doubts in their abilities
  23. I wish with work, kids, life I had the time to learn like a professional coach but I don’t. It’s a game. Where we all pretend to be world class managers and the suspension reality that entails. To make it playable SI obviously have to compromise on swathes of reality. I play FMT on iPad due to lack of time. With it being so stripped back tactics are hugely important. Yes I want a quick guide to every facet. The only other game I play is civilisation which has a instant guide to every single facet of the game (it doesn’t tell you right from wrong). It tells you what everything means. FM doesn’t have that. it really should have.
  24. Appreciate what you’ve written and I see how that translates to the match. But my team (having spent millions) is of immense quality with the ability to play through a high press, keep the ball etc. But when I play deep, counter attack with these high quality players I end up having dozens of shots peppered in on my goal. it just comes back to the point that this years version is relentlessly unforgiving of defensive football. I’m not Jose. I don’t have the time in my life to study each intricacy of positioning. but every time and I mean EVERY time I set up with a defensive formation, regroup and counter. We get bombarded. However I nuance the tactic. We get bombarded. the game shouldn’t be so inaccessible to the player who isn’t awash with time. It needs to say what works and what conflicts. And then the player can make educated choices. I’m also bored of the complete lack of transparency around tactics such as always press and always man mark. Like I said above, in isolation the instructions are idiotic. Why on earth would you always man mark someone who isn’t maradona. Always? Even in their own box?? And I’d you don’t always man mark an opposing striker I assume your CBS have the nous to get pretty bloody close to him when he’s 6 yards from goal. Same with always press or never press. Would you seriously not press someone whose clean through on goal??? im sure they have simple rationale but they’re ancient Tactical instructions which SI have never evolved, rarely explained and leave the player wondering about what will help their team defend better. Again,it’s poor communication and development from the makers unfortunately
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