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  1. ugh sorry about that, i have one from before the season finished if that helps, may 2021 last save overwrite backup (v03).fm it seems where i carried on playing, ive stupidly overwritten them..
  2. ok so i think ive done that correctly the file name is last save overwrite backup.2.fm
  3. As previously posted in general discussion please see attached post where I’ve managed to sign Oliver skipp for Norwich on a free transfer after the initial season loan could someone please explain how to upload a save game if you need that I have the saved game from before initial offer thanks !
  4. Ok will do thanks , I also tried again with a save from before and with the same result
  5. hey, so if this has already been mentioned i apologize but having searched the forum and google i couldn't see anything so playing as norwich and had a great season with oliver skipp on loan from tottenham becoming one of my fave players of the save now the season is over i wanted to try and keep him for my first year in the prem so go into loan offer and get this screen , to which i just submit the offer thinking they will flat out reject anyway they come back a few days later , rejected ok fine , still would like him on loan . then another couple days or so and
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