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  1. Well that was short lived. Got relegated and sacked in the second season. C'est la vie. Time to put all the available countries in a hat and pick another place to do the challenge. This time I'll see if I've learned my lesson and pick a squad with more than 12 players and decent facilities
  2. PEPO 2021 Season Summary On the Pitch Ykkönen (Finish 2nd Tier): 9th Place (of 12) Relegation Playoffs: 1st Place Suomen Cup: Lost in Group Stages (3rd of 6 in group) A rollercoaster of a season. We started off in the preseason Suomen Cup tournament which was the first test for my 12 man team, and despite finishing 3rd in our group and not moving onto the next round there were some encouraging signs such as a 5-0 thrashing over FF Jaro. We used the momentum from the tournament into the start of our league where we started off really hot and six game
  3. Long time lurker of this thread, going to dip my toes into the challenge with Finland after simming the 2020 season to December 14th. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the newly promoted club... PEPO Lappeenranta otherwise known as PEPO, is a club founded in 1958 in the city of Lappeenranta (pop. 72,679) which is 30km from the Russian border in Southern Karelia and on the shores of Lake Saimaa which is Finland's largest lake and the 4th largest freshwater lake in Europe, making it a big summer holiday destination in Europe. The team itself is nothing to write
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