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  1. How can I set to which league relegated teams go? I have, let's say, League A and league B. I set League A as superior to league B but when I test rules it says that League B isn't set as the inferior league to League A so relegated teams from League A doesn't have a league to go. I can't find where to set that.
  2. Just that. I'm new in the editor's world, so help is much appreciated. I want to set the rules of the league as follows: The last two teams are relegated. The third one from bottom plays against the third one of the leage bellow. If the winner is the one from the lower league, it gets promoted, while if the winner is that of the upper league, it is not relegated.
  3. So my club is like $10M in the red. The main issue is that i was given $1,4M for spending on salaries so I started to hire more and better players. Once I noticed the red numbers I found out that in spite of having that salary budget, the club raises $240000 each month. So that alone made a big gap. Now I'm almost to get in Copa Libertadores (South America Champions League) and that will give me $3M and will get another $3M for finishing in the top spots of the league table. But then? Should I sell my best players to cut off salaries and get some money for selling them? Maybe I shouldn't care because at the end of the day I still can manage the team? Thanks for reading and move the topic if it doesn't belong here!
  4. Excellent topic! Now, does this mean that only that type of players you pointed out can play in those roles otherwise they will fail there? For instance, if a good passing defender plays as a no nonsense central defender, will he be a terrible player and suck every game?
  5. Ha! It's funny too that almost twice in a week a player of mine gets injured, it's getting to a point where it's better to laugh than cry maybe... Last week it was my two best players. It's bloody upsetting
  6. Thanks! Yes. As you pointed out, I'm trying to play like that. I've already changed what you suggested and it seems quite logical tbh! Thanks again, let's see... Also, you was right too, that tactic is the one I'm trying to use the most of. Together with the one with defensive mentality. As always, the season kicked off splendid beating a team in the upper league 3-0, for instance, but after a few games the team began to underperform. I will shortly run out of bottles to throw if the team keeps losing...
  7. As the title says, I would like to know what's wrong with these tactics. No matter if you think something is obvious, it's clearly not in this game so I really appreciate thorough explanations. Thanks
  8. I do remember the concept of "mentality being how much risks your players take". I also do know how mentality of each player changes according to the team's. Then this is it. Now I can see where from where to work. Thanks for your answers, specially to those who answered respectfully and mainly a huge thanks for having offered your time to check my save. The topic can be closed I guess.
  9. Wow... I mistook everything here then... I thought that it worked like "if you play against a weaker team/a team with cautious or defensive mentality, then go attacking or positive" and viceversa... Why do you say it's not correct?
  10. Funny story: I've just faced Wrexham (They are 7th. in the VNL) in the FA Challenge Trophy and saw what you were talking about. They used a pretty similar formation as the one I uploaded here, 5-3-2 and played with cautious mentality. I also played with cautious since I was clearly worse than them. We lost via penalties but as some of you suggested I focused on the game and analysed it rather than on the result and saw all what we have been discusing here. How we cut their options off by going backwards and how defensively solid we were. The first game we draw 1-1 and the second one 0-0. Honestly I don't have the best penalty takers in the world so I wasn't confident at all... but it's good to see how the game played out.
  11. This is ridiculos. How would I refuse to do that if I'm playing with attacking mentality, two strikers and a central advanced midfielder? I might refuse to have the ball maybe...
  12. It's just a metaphor. We can apply FM mentality to real-life teams. Simeone's teams are more "cautious" while Guardiola's would have "possitive"
  13. You shouldn't consider his experience as a manager in Argentina. That was weird, he should have been given much more time and Argentina's national team has been a complete mess(i) [] last years. If I complain about my Barner players a team that's given away two Copa America to Chile is much terrible... But there's another great example, the very Bilardo and Alejandro Sabela both played with a "cautios/defensive mentality" style while managing Argentina, one of the "biggest" national teams. Though Sabela didn't win the World Cup, Bilardo did, despite playing as an "underdog" while being a "big team" Either way, as I posted on another topic, I never saw a team with a cautios/defensive mentaility to win something in the game. No one showed me one in that topic if I remember correctly. Do you know of any? (either human or AI controlled)
  14. I've got another quite interesting case: Do a research on Edgardo Bauza and San Lorenzo in Copa Libertadores 2014 San Lorenzo is the fifth biggest team in Argentina (so a big team in South America). It hadn't won a Copa Libertadores ever up until 2014. Bauza plays a more low-line style, more "deffensive" if I may keep using those terms. However, San Lorenzo played with "cautious mentality" and managed to win the cup despite being the "big team" instead of an "underdog"
  15. That's what I said. Why are there some tactical styles suitble for certain teams and not for others? The same goes for the quality. Though I don't like this distinction but why is it like "big teams" playing as "big teams" have success most of the time but "big teams" playing as "underdogs" don't? I think there's some favouring by the ME...
  16. To my understanding, my two wingbacks would go up on the pitch and play with the AM, the TM and the AF. Yes, my three defenders would stay behind.
  17. Could you please develop this idea? Clearly my first tactic was purely transitional and I've understood why it failed. But what about the second? It relies much more on attacking and playing much less direct, with a considerable higher amount of time spent creating chances.
  18. The ball wouldn't just be there one team would have to pick it up. Let's suppose the other team, let's say Alaves, has the ball (as in my case). Would they simply waste time so the game ends 0-0? That would be logical but I don't think they'd do it. They would try to go forward because in the end (specially in leagues) every team wants to win. Then Barcelona would struck and that's it. Barcelona 1 - 0 Alaves and this is it. You say, "Barca would not be happy, which is why they don't play like that". This a quite common mistake, low lines doesn't mean "be happy with a draw". Here's another concept the game might use as intuitive while it's not. Either way, my team isn't that superior I guess...
  19. You've used the words I couldn't come up with. This is what I meant, Experienced Defender: The game is set up in a way that forces you to only succeed according to your possition and expectations instead of according to your player's and tactics quality. If you are an underdog do this and win, if you're a top team do that and will win.
  20. I'm trying to do... but anyway I can still be at the game's throat. Why can't a system like mine be successful? Geoff for instance sayd that "Part of this is because most counter-attacking teams focus on the flanks; exploiting the areas behind the oppositions attacking full-backs". So the game's been set up for working when you counter-attack through the flanks. That's a non-intuitive point and has to do with how the game works The game seems to be set up in a way that only certains combinations will succeed
  21. Just think of the following: If Barcelona decided to go for a lower lineas approach and so on, the other team wouldn't be able to pierce through their deffense anyway. De Jong would recover the ball easily because their rivals lack Barcelona's quality and then Messi and Griezmann would score in the blink of an eye. That is not the case here...
  22. Oh, it's not necessary... I'm not trying to mimic someone in particular. In fact, if I had to and having learned more about FM I might come across it's not possible to do so in FM. However, in terms of football I look up to Carlos Bilardo (I don't know if you know him) We've reached a point where you use your time in my save, you are willing to search for examples in real life and so on and I'm completely grateful for doing so instead of insulting me and anwering sarcasticaly but it's a game for having fun. It's clear that my apporach to FM has turned into trigonometry or chemistry where you have to do everything with a level of detail and precision that's not worth it, that I don't seem to understand and where if you fail your experiment blows up (as a metaphor with chemistry). Anyway, I know that with a gegen press or a Guardiola approach this game is a piece of cake...
  23. This new tactic isn't that direct and "counter-attacking focused" is it? I've unselected "more direct passes" or "higher tempo" and let the tactic instructions adjust to the mentality.
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