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  1. You've done an outstanding work! And as a bonus, I leant how to change the colours of the different panels! BTW, how can I change the text that indicates the role and the duty of each player in the "tactics" panels?
  2. Thank you all! We've finally got there. Sadly, some of you have also confirmed my suspicion (which was my main goal of the thread rather than discussing what's an attacking and what's a defensive tactic) that super aggressive tactics are overpowered. If you're super aggressive it would be normal to concede goals since your players are focused on attacking and your lines are up on the pitch, but in FM (as we've been discussing) most super aggressive teams succeed avoiding relegations or even making it to the playoffs having just got promoted.
  3. So yes, the core of the discussion lays on the definition of "defensive". Of course all of us want to score, since all of us want to win so "defensive" football doesn't mean lower your players and wait only for recovering the ball and kicking it off your side of the field without intentions of scoring. THESE two answers are the key! Without possession I want what FM calls a "defensive" mentality, players at the back all together preventing the rival from scoring, a highly solid team. But once we recover the ball I want what FM calls an "attacking" mentality, several players rushing to sco
  4. Glad that after all these posts someone has clearly stated it. But that's the problem. I enjoy playing defensive football (not having the ball, counter-attacking, solid team defensively, direct passes). But it seems it's not useful (or at least as useful as aggressive tactics) which is ridiculous beyond one's likes. It's ridiculous that certain playing style performs way worse than another playing style when IRL doesn't exist a huge difference between both. Of course, we should analyse each individual team since it's not the same the major league of a certain country vs. the major league of an
  5. This is what I meant. Very aggressive teams seem unstoppable in the game, so who would choose a defensive tactic if being extremely aggressive seem to work? It's ridiculous.
  6. CARRERA's answered me. Thanks! Now, in the first tactic players would take much less risks when attacking, wouldn't they? If that so, how is a FBAt supposed to take less risks if he's supposed to go up on the pitch. By definition it takes risks... But I'm still wondering if any of you has ever underperfomed with attacking/aggressive tactics.
  7. First, thanks for taking the time to come up with this little test. IMO, the first one is more attacking since it looks more aggressively for scoring given more players go up on the field. But now I realise my problem comes at understanding how mentalities work in their opposite phase of the game. How attacking mentalities work when defending and viceversa?
  8. I'm quite interested in your case. Could you show me your tactic? I can't think of attacking football with cautious mentality... I mean, every team wants to win and for doing so it has to attack. Then every team plays attacking football at some point of the game, some as soo as it begins while some other when they find the chance to counter-attack. I suppose that with cautious mentality you seek the second option but what could you do when you recover the ball?
  9. That's not true at all. I've learnt what you told me about how mentalities work, having to do with the level of risk as CARRERA wrote here too. What I'm wondering now is the following: Well, defending is much more than mentaility and it is an existing way to play the game but is it convenient to use for us who fancy it IRL? Everyone seems to succeed with attacking tactics, then, Is it possible for an attacking tactic to fail? Have you ever gone through that? If it isn't, then the game is completely ruined because we all want to win, then who will play with a tactic that tends to lose (a defens
  10. I'm so sorry! I never realised the title was incompleted! I meant attacking tactics/formations. To be precise, using wingbacks in attack duties (or even in support), four centre backs (less than five), few or none defensive midfieldes (I don't mean midfielders in with defensive duties, but roles like the anchor man or the half back) and of course possitive/attacking mentality.
  11. A few days ago I started a topic about how useless defensive tactics were at least in FM21. We had an interesting discussion and I've learnt some concepts about the game's instructions and mentalities. Now I've come up with another question: I changed my tactics towards a more attacking one (with attacking mentalities and a few different roles) and I started to get good results. In addition to that, I've started to watch a YouTube series where the Youtuber plays with an attacking style and got promoted the frist year. Also, as I wrote in the other post, my dad plays with a possitive menta
  12. It's weird... He even got promoted in every first season. His first season got promoted to VNL, his second to EFL 2 and his third to EFL 1. Now he's fighting for getting to the Championship. I can't believe the match engine, is so clearly made for attacking teams. Or at least, it clearly favours attacking teams.
  13. Thanks for your answers. They've helped Now I would like you to analyse my dad's tactic. He manages Dulwich Hamlet (at the beginning of the game, in the Vanarama South) and by using this tactic he's made it to the EFL 1, fighting for a promotion. Of course he's signed great players though not spectacular ones... For me, it's kinda weird and also speaks volumes of how orientated to attacking the game is. This tactic only has two players with defensive duties and both wingbacks in attacking duties!! Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/qKM8hIC
  14. The point is that all of you have shown me what I was suspecting: It's impossible to have a quite successful season with a defensive/cautious mentality + low lines + not pressing (Let's say, a passive team). Which is ridiculous because there are successful managers who "park the bus". Hence, the game is only made for attacking and therefore, isn't an actual football simulator. And I don't even think of winning the Champions or the Premier (which is also possible with a passive playing style IRL), but not getting relegated... What's more upsetting for me is not the fact that I will probabl
  15. Thanks to everyone for answering: Here I've got a few other questions. Why my players keep giving penalties? It's so frustrating... They've improved defensively but keep conceding goals through penalty kicks. Maybe it's because the tight marking? How does the presence of a DLP influence on the game? Does him tend to give shorter passes?
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