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  1. Thanks, that does sound like kind of what I'm going for actually. My one concern with a split block would be opening up more space for opposing fullbacks, which seems to be a perennial problem I have when I'm defending. Would having my wingers close down more potentially make this area worse?
  2. I think mainly in the sense of faster transition, where I'm still looking for quick transitional forward passes but also aiming to win the ball back higher up the pitch. I do have a basic understanding of defensive blocks and how to implement them in the game - I gather I have a low-block right now based on my D-line and LOE? But I don't really understand exactly what a split-block is despite trying to do some research on it!
  3. Sounds good, I'll give all that a try and see how things go. Although the style I'm going for isn't necessarily defensive counter attack I think that style does broadly suit the idea of wanting to quickly get the ball to my front three to allow them to utilise their pace. Out of interest if I wanted to create a secondary, slightly more attacking tactic, with the same idea but with the intention to press more and to win the ball back higher up the pitch, then what would be a good starting point beyond a higher D-line/LOE? Or would that be all it would take potentially?
  4. I lowered the LOE to be more compact for the next game. If I'm going to continue to use high pressing, which I can definitely reduce to standard, too, would it work better potentially if I used something like a PF or TM, or changed one of my wingers to inside forward? I also have 4-4-2 as a secondary tactic. Makes sense. I left it as more urgent with lower LOE and high DL for the next game before I saw your response. I won 2-0 and looked a lot better but did still give up a few more chances than I'd have liked, so I'll try dropping back my DL a notch too. This is what I currentl
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been vulnerable to being overloaded at the back from time-to-time, while my attacking players often struggle to find space, so that sounds like a good start. Would a more urgent press, combined with a lower LOE and higher D-line and removal of tighter marking be something that would rectify what you mentioned? The other consideration is my stopper is slow/ageing but still has good physical attributes and tackling, so I wouldn't want to be exposed with a higher D-Line either.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking to get some insight on a wide 4-3-3 tactic I've been using in my Gloucester City FM20 save. A variant of this tactic worked very well for a while - I won promotion from the National League North - and got off to a great start in the National League - before hitting a bit of a wall about half way through my second season when I started to concede a lot of goals and struggled to score. I still managed a top-half finish, despite a terrible run of form, by going 4-5-1 with a flat midfield 5, and just trying to tighten up a little. So far in my third seaso
  7. Llama, love the guide but just wanted to get your thoughts on the use of the limited full back and full back (defend) roles, as you've not really touched on it other than don't use in a lone wide man formation. i generally prefer to us at least support for my full backs, but what about the circumstances where you're managing a lower league team and you have a FB who's solid defensively but isn't much good going forward. In my current save I'm looking to sign a RB who's my best option defensively by some distance but has passing 7, crossing 4-6 and dribbling 3-6. If I have him on support he'
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