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  1. BIg thanks for the tactical update. I have to say that although I have always found the level between divisions when playing English LLM fairly low. I am amazed that some of your players have gone from National North to League one. With the money you made from the cup run, do you now have very good training facilities? If I get a chance, and if you don't mind, I'll put a little bit of my tactical evolution @ AS Cannes here. I think it's quite interesting as French LLM is very odd, even at T3 you aren't professional, therefore training and improving players to come up the leagues with
  2. Out of interest @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! are you still going on with this save? I'm not sure what you've got left to achieve tbh, but this is an amazing read!
  3. @Cleon Big thanks for these articles. I've come very late to the SI forums, but have played FM for years. Really enjoying all the good work and interesting tactical analysis. Sorry I missed your blog too Anyway just wanted to say how interesting this is and a big thank you!! UTB!
  4. Simply amazing! Sadly the cup-run in FRance was not a big thing and gained me about €50k so Cannes are still rocking the amateur status, albeit now in tier 4
  5. Clearly I'm not quite on the same level... But I think a valiant effort for a team with a wage bill of £0 p/w! We were always going to need to take one of the few chances that came our way... we created more than I expected for a team on Defensive mentality and highly structured team shape. We gave away too many chances though.
  6. Lets see if I can do anything similiar... Added bonus, it's a provence derby too (from when AS Cannes were actually good - they are now 5th tier France and Amateur). I'll go with similar to what you have done we play a variant of 4-3-3, however I predict a big loss!!
  7. This is Brilliant Ozil!! Been playing FM for years. Done pretty well over time, and always loved the tactical side too, hence also playing FM17 then 18 but never upgraded after that. I have only recently just found your articles on tactics from Sacchi, Invicibles etc. and loved all the stuff on creating that amazing team at Benfica! I tend to do more of this though, bring teams up from the LL. Create a legacy that sort of thing. Keep up the good work and looking forward to an update v Bournemouth (even if its a loss!)
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