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  1. That makes a lot more sense now, thank you. It would be good if the game made this clearer, though I suppose it is implicit by Malaysian nationality not showing up on the Nationality screen.
  2. Thanks both for your replies. When managing in other leagues I have also seen players reach the threshold for nationality without picking it up - in these situations the available nationality still shows up on the Nationality screen, with a message like "Player does not see any benefit", e.g. a Portuguese player in another EU country. However in this case Malaysian nationality doesn't even show up on the Nationality screen - so it's not as though they have the choice but are declining to take it up, it just doesn't appear to be an option. This leads me to suspect that it is not allow
  3. I am managing in Malaysia. According to the Eligibility screen, players become eligible for Malaysian nationality after 5 years. I have several foreign players who have now hit this threshold, so "Days remaining" is now at 0. However, Malaysia does not show up at all on the Nationality screen. One of my foreign players has previously played in Argentina, and this is displayed on the Nationality screen (it says he needs to reside in the country again to pursue citizenship), but not Malaysia. 1. Is this because Malaysia does not allow dual nationality? There are dual nationals in the
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