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  1. Latest version on both consoles, invite button cam be clicked against friend on list but does nothing but make a sound, same for other friends - add manager approach just says no more managers can be added.
  2. Xbox one console and xbox series x console, both on game pass - wasn't working at 4pm today.
  3. No and I no longer see the option to even invite a friend now. I see Add Manager but this reports that no more managers can be added. Pleased I didn't pay for this game!
  4. My son and I can't seem to create online career game, I have it setup on xbox one and trying to add him via invite friend option under game status and whilst I see him on the list the invite button does not work. The game is set up to allow friends only so this is fine - what am I doing wrong or is this a current glitch? We are in same household, on same broadband system and he has series x whilst I'm on xbox one. Other games allow us to play online together so can't see this being the issue. He also can't find my online career via search option.
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