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  1. Do you believe that this issue will be solved by the final winter update?
  2. Thank you! Do you have any idea regarding the expected date of the update? And another question, do you know if this issue only occurs to players of the team you are managing? Or to all players? For ex. I am training Sporting. Does this only occurs to my players or it can possibly happen to Benfica or Porto players? Thank you again mate!
  3. Hi guys. I am having an issue that I hope someone here will be able to help me! A player of my team (a wonderkid ) was sent off during the final of the portuguese league cup. After the game I received a message informing that he would be suspended during one match. However, one year later he is still suspended in all competitions except in frendlies and in the portuguese cup. Does anyone here knows if this problem is expected to be solved in the next update or knows how to solve it with the pre-game editor? Thank you guys!
  4. Hi! I had the same issue. A player of my team was sent off in the final of the portuguese League cup. Even though he got a 1 match suspension, a year latter he is still suspended. It looks to me like a bug and he will be suspended forever... Do you have any idea on how to fix this problem? Thank you in advance!
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