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  1. Thanks all for the tips. In term of style I only went from attacking down to a more standard approach whilst keeping my 4-5-1 formation - I didn't think this would have such an impact. I lowered tempo and pressed less to try and preserve energy as we are currently playing three games a week so players are becoming tired easily. I deployed similar tactics on my previous save with Coventry and it worked a treat but maybe it's the Spurs DNA. I am going to train a new controlling possession tactic to use when I am leading against lesser teams to just try and keep the ball and kill the ga
  2. I am playing with Spurs and always take the lead but I am constantly dropping points from winning positions. I just played West Brom and was 5-1 yo with 30 mins to go and I kid you not the game ended 5-5 (ridiculous). I tried everything - playing disciplined, slower tempo and time wasting etc and nothing worked! West Brom literally doubled their season goal tally in 90 mins against me. Does anyone have any advice on how to hold a lead I really am struggling to work out how.
  3. Hi I am having the same issue on two loan players. Did this get fixed?
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