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  1. stinger061

    Goalkeeper on Bench

    It depends for me. Generally if I'm allowed 7 subs I'll have one and if it's a league with 5 subs I wont. However I always include a sub keeper in big league matches or the latter stages of cups because I know I'd be devastated to lose a title because I got my keeper injured (which I'm sure a lot of people would report as a bug despite the fact it's clearly your own fault)
  2. It's a flawed argument. Without a game every year SI wont make enough money to keep producing more games. Even with a 2 year release cycle there would still be bugs as a game of this depth is just to massive not to have it's problems regardless of how long they have to work on it. SI aren't perfect but they are one of the most involved developers in the community surrounding the game and do everything they can to solve issues people are having. So many posters give off the vibe that they think SI is just trying to screw them over. Do you really think SI want to make a game with bugs in it? They do all they can to produce top class games every year and I for one believe they deliver. Every year there are minor bugs and I can say I've never come across an 'game breaking' issues people seem to claim. Even the biggest of bugs over the years have had ways of getting around them.
  3. 2D for me with the match speed just a little below full. I have no problems taking it all in at the quicker pace and 3D just doesn't really interest me.
  4. I can't believe people are complaining about features simply because they wont personally use them. SI is stuck between a rock and a hard place every year with people complaining that certain features aren't necessary when for others they are absolutely ground breaking (ie. Manage anywhere, anytime which I think is just brilliant). Some people just expect way to much
  5. stinger061

    FM 1980s

    It would take a hell of a lot of research and although it would be great to see just wouldn't be anywhere near worth the time and effort needed to make it work well
  6. stinger061

    New Option?

    I'm fairly sure it's new in FM11, can't ever remember seeing it before. I've only tried using it once and it failed but he was being chased by bigger clubs at the time.
  7. stinger061

    Database error.

    EDIT: Even better is post #18 from this thread Link
  8. This line is not even close to true. It is not at all necessary to rely on free transfers
  9. FM is the only PC game I play so I happily use the disc as it stays in my laptop 99% of the time. I also have satellite internet with download limits so I like to keep track of exactly when I'm getting updates and the size of them.
  10. stinger061

    Eto'o scores 8 goals.

    It was absolutely crazy. If memory serves me correctly I actually went on to lose the final
  11. stinger061

    Eto'o scores 8 goals.

    Way back in FM 06 I had Adriano hit 11 in a World Club Championship match in a game we scored more than 20 goals in. I may still have a screenshot of it somewhere EDIT: Turns out my memory let me down as it was actually Obefemi Martins with 14 goals
  12. It's not always necessary to get a player to come back through the reserves. If they are a star like Ronaldo just throw them straight back in the first team and you should have no problems.
  13. stinger061

    New attributes?

    I really can't understand why 'Finishing' should come into a players ability to take a penalty. There is a massive difference between a player scoring in regular play and scoring from the penalty spot.
  14. I admit it wasn't the smartest response. I guess my point is I'm sick of these threads claiming 'I'm never buying the game again'/'The game is broken' implying that SI actually want this sort of thing to be in the game or that they are making no effort to improve the game in this aspect. Also I have won a number of matches in which I've been well and truly outplayed and my goalie has had a blinder but you rarely see threads complaining about that.
  15. I really believe SI can't win no matter what they do. Whatever they do with tactics, press conferences, team talks etc is constantly argued against by half the community and supported by the other half.