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  1. I love stats and I would certainly love to see top 10 lists and the like for a range of things. I'm sure however I remember reading on here a few years ago from an SI staff member that part of the reason for not being able to keep such detailed and extensive stats was because it would slow the game right down and make save files huge. I hope I'm wrong however because I'd love to see more detailed records. I have recently started keeping an Excel file full of things like top player appearances/goals/assists etc. I'm sure all of us who are crazy enough to do this all have different ways of doing this so I'd love to hear how anyone else goes about keeping their records.
  2. I think it's fantastic. I continue to play on 2D view but it feels better than ever. But don't worry the complaints will come, as soon as someone concedes a goal they don't see as realistic they will complain. People don't seem to remember that 'unrealistic' things happen in real football
  3. This is something that I've complained about for a number of years across a number of different football games. FM probably has the best system of the lot of them but it's still far from ideal and I appreciate quite difficult to get right. A player can have poor ability but still be really strong or fast and it's something you rarely see in FM. It's well known in those of us who player lower league games that if you can come across a guy who has a ton of pace it will more than make up for their lack of ability elsewhere, problem is this doesn't come up to often. I have no doubts that there are some players out there in lower leagues who are quicker than guys playing in top proffesional leagues but the game doesn't seem to represent this to well
  4. Having said that you don't want there to be so many events that they happen on a weekly/monthly basis. Also you want some events that have a positive impact on the team otherwise we'll just end up with a ton of unhappy players and broken dressing rooms
  5. I tihnk it's a fantastic idea and for once a very well written post around these parts. It would have to be carefully implemented however as you don't want a player and his team mates turning on you because you asked a player to play a Champions League Final instead of taking time off for some personal event. Possibly the option to say to the player 'play the next match and then you can have 2 weeks off'. I think player interaction as a whole needs to improve. At the moment players get angry with just about any action you try to take. You should be able to justify certain decisions to the players with an explaination rather than just giving them a yes or no response to any requests they have. For example my Goalkeeper had expressed that he wished to move to a larger club in order to further his career yet as soon as I offer him out to clubs he became unhappy with his treatment.
  6. Weder Bremen 2 - 4 Bayer Leverkusen Vital and unexpected result. Despite this being the first season and me being unable to bring in any new players we now find ourselves 6 points clear at the top after just 8 games with the other contenders failing badly early on. Bremen are now 11th with just 2 wins, Bayern Munich are 8th a full 12 points down on me and Wolfsburg sit 6th
  7. I've recently bought a new laptop which has the capability to hook up to my TV in my room via HDMI. Have more than once turned on the TV and analysed my teams tactics and performances using the far larger screen to get a better view of things
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