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  1. I think tries to play way of trouble should be teachable as a player trait and not just a skill learned from mentoring. I know it may have made sense a decade ago to only make this teachable by player trait but I think as certain coaches have shown that this is a skill that can be cultivated with high level coaching I would say this is something that should change in the football manager as well. Thanks!
  2. Can I actually use training to help improve my players with in game situations they struggle with? For instance, if my team is struggling to defend ball over the top or aerial crosses will it help for me to schedule an aerial defense training. If my team is struggling to make penalties will it help to schedule a penalty training? Thanks for any advice!
  3. Agreed. When I saw Gundogan was essentially the DM, I was like, "This is going to be a problem." The amount of space in the midfield for Chelsea's goal was reminiscent of arsenal's midfielder over the last decade.
  4. I think you can build something close and I think you can build certain city tactics that pep utilizes. For instance you can already build the 4-2-3-1 with rodri and fernandinho plus mendy as an overlapping full back in the current match engine. Also, I know it gets cited a lot but I think Rashidi is very close to the 4-3-3 with high and wide wingers and I think cult of football manager has done some amazing things as well. However, the high and wide wingers is something that makes pep unique, especially at the moment. The wingers playing so high and wide is what allows the central midfielders
  5. Honestly, football manager just can't replicate pep's system. The drawback of pep being a genius is that it is probably going to take the team at SI 5-10 years to truly crack what pep is doing currently. Even manchester city play completely different in football manager than they do in real life.
  6. @Ripamon Your results are looking really great! I'm thoroughly impressed! What full tactic are you using?
  7. I think that fm should add in possession and out of possession formations. Without this feature, I think that players are really limited in their ability to replicate top level managers. For instance, in the current version of fm, it is impossible to recreate xhaka's role as the left sided center back when arsenal are in possession, kyle walker's right sided center back role for man city or zinchenko's left sided center back when walker doesn't play. It's almost impossible to build up with three at the back like top sides unless you play three at the back which then limits the options for your
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