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  1. I did a quick check this morning and my issue appears to be fixed as well. Great service, thanks.
  2. Sadly I don’t have a PC (hence why I am playing on console edition!), I assume there will be a proper fix for this at some point that will allow these saves to progress on console? The game is brilliant but simply unplayable at present for the save I’ve sunk a bit of time in to and I am reluctant to start another career as I assume the same thing will just happen again at some stage.
  3. Click left stick, brings up a mouse you can control with the left stick then you can pass this window.
  4. Same thing has started happening to me today - I got to an FA Cup match and the game keeps crashing to menu when I try to load the match. I’ve tried playing it, simulating it, different load points and always crashes at the same moment. I then tried going on holiday for 2 days and that worked, the match was a draw, I played another league game with absolutely no problem, and then I got to the replay and it’s started crashing again! This time trying to go on holiday to solve also crashes the game so I can only assume it’s some problem with simulating the cup match where a result is required, bu
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