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  1. As you can see @Alistair Skewes there is still reference to the buttons on X and Y. As I mentioned this has worked since FM18 on the Switch up to 1.02 so it's a bug to be honest, and not resolved as the functionality is no longer working as described on the help screen. Also right stick click seems to work on the inbox page when on player lists in touch control so it's not even consistent as it's apparently only meant to work with the mouse cursor.
  2. I don't use mouse control as it's too fast and only used it to select multiple players, which you can't do now on the squad screen as you've removed the PKD button column. I used to scroll down the player list and press X to bring up the menu. It worked since day one (even from the first switch version 2018) right up until 1.03. Contextual buttons are still displayed on the control layout screen as well. The change makes no sense as now I have to go into the player to set these options and when I leave the focus isn't on the player still, so I have to refocus on the area and the
  3. Still broke in 1.04. Seriously don't understand that change as you now need to press extra buttons to do an action which you could have done by just pressing X. It's made that screen and dealing with the team a lot more awkward and made the user experience a lot worse for what? Sorting a column.
  4. The contextual buttons no longer work on the Squad screen when scrolling through the players on the new update. It was fine on previous versions and it allowed you to quickly scroll through the team with the D pad and press X to bring up the pop-up menu and perform an action, like available for reserves, discipline player etc. The UI has changed since the last update and now scrolling down the list of player you can no longer press X to bring up the player menu, instead it now sorts the column. Even if you go into the player screen and press + to being up the menu, when you go back it hig
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