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  1. Unfortunately yes. Same crap since 3 years, it must be a joke right? Why are we paying for this game anyway?
  2. There is an overlay at the home page like this that you can add manually. I have no idea what these are indicating or how to change them. When i click match preparation it takes me to the Training screen. When i change the training schedule before a match at the calendar, these indications (def. positioning, passing, marking, etc.) doesn't change. What are those exactly?
  3. Who required the work permit in FM 20? Only non-european players? Will it be necessary for all non-UK players after brexit? Are there multiple brexit scenarios? Where can I find these scenarios? Also, I have another question about work permit, right now at Northern Ireland's Knockbreda F.C.I am doing a journeyman challenge. There is a Mexican player named Elvin Rivera, I cannot sign the player because he does not have a work permit, but he played in 3 different Northern Ireland teams before. If I can't buy it, how did those teams get it? Thanks in advance.
  4. The problem is that the number of people doing the journeyman challenge is very small, and this kind of problems only concerns amateur/semi-pro clubs, So SI does not hear our voices. Call me arrogant as you want, but FM is i becoming a casual game day by day because of people who take their favorite super league team and think they are "fm players".
  5. 1- Is the work permit in the Irish leagues the same as the British leagues in the game? 2- Does brexit affect Ireland? 3- Can I get non-eu players comfortably in the Irish league?
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for the answer man. I've already posted it on the bugs forum but I still think it's not a bug. There must be some math behind it. For example, in the pictures, when I go to the profile of the player and look at his contract, the appearance fee is 25 euro p/w, but in salary commitments it's 20 euro p/w and this 20 euro affects my currently spending wage budget. Another player gets 75 euro per appearance but it says
  7. Thank you very much, I just checked and it seems like affiliate club did not pay my staff salaries. Then what does this phrase mean anyway?
  8. Under the Finances -> Salary -> Salary Commitments it seems that my non-contract players are receviing a salary. This salary has nothing to do with the player's appearance fee (I did the math), and the salary given to these players is shown as "currently spending" not "commited spending". Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  9. Thanks for answering but shouldn't this show up in "commited spending"? The salaries of these players are shown in "currently spending". Also It doesn't match when I do the math, for example I give Emil Holm Dalqwist 20 euro as appearance fee (no other bonuses), and we have 26 games in the league (no cup matches), so he should get 20x26 = 520 euro p/a. But the money appears in this screen is 975 euro p/a.
  10. I am so confused about this and there is no tutorial. Does the "wage budget" on the Finaces screen only concern players? Are Staff's wages being paid from another source of money?
  11. Why do I pay a monthly salary to the players that I get with non-contracts and give only appearance fees? This is from the "finances" tab, the "salary commitments" screen. Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention, my players who have Ctr in front of their name are my Non-Contract players.
  12. I have an affiliate club that gives my staff their salaries, when I hire a staff, his wage does not affect the wage budget but still, "staff wage" increases in the "expenditure" tab every month. what am i missing?
  13. I found the reason for this, the affiliate club pays the salary of my staff. I didn't know there was such a thing on FM.
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