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  1. I did a save with fc metz once and they have alot of youth players from senegal on the youth intake day, plus ond or two other african french speaking countries
  2. I think iv sussed it, this error only comes up when you try to load the store after the quick resume. You need to properly close the game down, re load it and then it will work, so it doesnt work only on quick resume for some reason
  3. Yes still not working, just an error message after awhile
  4. Seem to be having a problem loading up the store on the series s, just keep getting an error message after a few minutes
  5. Yeah I can imagine the beatings you'll get once you reach Europe, getting to the group stage would be some achievement, personally I think its impossible but good luck anyway and as you said it's just for fun
  6. It appears to be working now as you said, any further problems, I'll post them, thank you
  7. I am going to attemp another go at a save with the amateur team Swansea University in the Cymru South division in Wales. They are coded to stay amateur so ill have to put up with alot of poaching from other teams since i cant offer a proper contract to players. Tried it on FM20 but got fed up loosing players but willing to try again. Anyone else tried them or another amateur team and had some kind of success?
  8. Hi, since the recent update you cant place players on the substitutes bench like before the update. You either have to do it via the squad page or you need to go to unpicked players, click on the player and hold A, then with your other thumb you need to drag the player to the bench. Im sure you didnt change it and it must be some kind of bug, hopefully you will rectify it back to how it was pre update
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