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  1. just curious... is there a award for first player to 10 Premiership goals? i didn't realise that it existed, untill i read Didier Drogba recieved it this year. if not, i think it would be a nice addy for future versions.
  2. more detailed team talks towards players; Negative <LI>You're missing to many chances, hit the target! <LI>You're being a bit greedy with the ball, play with your team mates! <LI>Yellow card... please be cautious of your tackles! <LI>I expected more from you! Positive <LI>Brilliant goal, well done! <LI>Great skill, you're outrunning their defence! <LI>If necessary, dive in their box! p.s When making subs... you normally tend to talk to the player running out, telling him what to do etc, i think you should be able to do that too. aswell as a player coming off, telling him why you're taking him off etc.
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