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  1. I'm just over half way through my second season with Spurs, challenging for Champs League spots, still in FA and UEFA cups...and half of my squad want to move to bigger clubs. Interest is declared in one of my players EVERY DAY. I can understand 1 or 2 wanting to leave, but half of my first team?Has anyone else experienced this?Bug maybe?
  2. Is anyone else finding that a huge number of shots are off target using this tactic? I had 22 shots in my last game, with 4 on target, and as i'm playing with Barca the players are quite capable of better. does anyone else think that lowering CF may help?
  3. I have a saved game as Real Madrid, and after installing the 9.02 patch some strange things have happened to my squad.In Jan after a league game i looked at my squad and found out we had a new AMR who we had signed on a free...who was on £68,000 a week!I had made no approach for him, and he didn't register on the transfers screen, so i listed him and moved him to Castilla...then a few days later it happened again!I've had at least 3 players just appear in my squad, all awful players on huge wages!Has anyone else experienced anything like this?