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  1. Just play the game for an hour and you'll see what i mean. I don't mean to be obstinate, but i've forked out money year after year on this series and there are always problems that ruin it. Surely football cant change that much from season to season? I'm almost beginning to wonder if attributes mean anything...strikers with 19 finishing and 17 composure spooning the ball constantly, players with 11 for long shots banging in goal after goal...so frustrating.
  2. Can you guys please fix the ongoing issue with defensive heading. The ball is either able to be controlled or is sailing out for a goal kick, and defenders head straight to the opposition forwards. I'm not uploading anything as this has been going on for years, and its nothing to do with communication between GK and defenders, or decision making, its just a flaw. To be honest, it would be lovely to purchase a game that worked first time and didn't require months and thousands of fans telling you whats wrong.
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