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  1. Chengfeng Season 39/40 Review Table - Squad - U23Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Fantastic Season for us, finishing 4th. We had luck from start to finish and with every win, it seemed like we could use the confidence. Alot of lucky wins and draws. This is just one example, how we fm'd FM all season long Was an eventful season all around with our board going absolutely bonkers and selling our three best players from the 39 Intake (Wang Yupeng,Jiao and Guadong Cui Hongjung). At least we got 16 Mill out of it, so investments in the facilities are made. But the f
  2. Chengfeng Season 38/39 Season Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers A good Season for us, finishing 10th. We were never in danger of beiing relegated due to DL Pro and Shanghai beiing bad nearly all season. With Ma Wenyi (36C) beiing the Topscorer with only 10 Goals all season, but we needed someone to step up in terms of scoring goals, since Bai Ran had a really bad season. In the Chinese Cup we were thrown out in the 4th Round by a Jia League Team, what was very disappointing. We still have 3 Millions in the bank, even after upgrading the training faci
  3. Chengfeng Season 37/38 Review Table - Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Back to reality this season with barely surviving in the CSL. But its ok, because every season we survive is a good season. In the Cup, it was also back to reality, as we got knocked out in the QF. Our first ever appearance in the Asian Champions League was good. We survived the Group Stage before beeing knocked out in the second round. Our attendance is rising which is good, with 17000 we actually have a nice income every home game. Our Finances are looking very good with nearly 5 Millions in the bank, bu
  4. Just spotted this with one of the teams in my League. Is that the players before the intake or do they benefit when they are at the club already. I mean that is pretty sick
  5. Chengfeng Season 36/37 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Finishing 10th the CSL has again been a success. We were pretty good throughout the season. But the big success this season has been the win of the Chinese Cup. We got luck a few times and were crowned Champions in the end, which guarantees us a Spot in the Asian Super League. The best game we played in the final, beeing 2:0 down after 40 minutes but turning it aound and winning the cup due to away goals. We got completely outplayed but to be honest: who cares Thrilled that we can
  6. Chengfeng Season 35/36 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances What a season. We were able to secure our best ever CSL Finish with finishing 9th. The main reason were lucky draws. We actually drawed 15 of our games, half of the games played. Alot of them were quite lucky and our GK Tao Junchen was easily the pick for player of the season. Our best players really delivered this season. Also Liu Honliang from the 35 Intake broke into the first team, because we actually have no other right winger Our Intake Preview looked pretty
  7. Chengfeng Season 34/35 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers We finish12th and that is our best ever finish in the CSL. All in all it was a good season and we will stay in the CSL for another year. We startet off quite bad but then were able to get some lucky wins. Bai Ran actually was our Topscorer, the first time in 8 years it has not been He Sen. But also I think our squad is getting stronger, which is reflected in the progress some players made during the year. Especially Bai Ran (33A), Fu Yibing (32A), Li Yan (32B) and Zhao Wenbin (34D) become start
  8. Does it help to have world knowledge for this challenge? I dont even hire a scout to save money
  9. Chengfeng Season 33/34 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances We survived another Season in the CSL. We actually startet off quite well, but it was a real struggle in the end. But hey, another season in the CSL is nice and I really hope the youth recruitement and facilitiy upgrades will kick in. Actually it startet already this season. After this preview: We got this intake, and boy it looks nice The standouts are Zhao Wenbin and Bao Boyang. Zhao Wenbin looks like a future captain to me! But they are a few other guy
  10. Chengfeng Season 32/33 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances We stay up with 30 points and I think the 9 wins are the best we ever achieved in the CSL. He Sen gets another team high 16 goals. The best thing about the season is, that we managed to convince the board to upgrade the youth recruitement to excellent and I really hope that the next few intakes will show that. I feel like we didnt make alot of progress in the last few years as we are not getting any players in who are an improvement to our squad. But thats party of this challenge I think The p
  11. Chengfeng Season Review 31/32 Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances Incredible Season in the Jia League and we go straight back up. Only loosing 6 and drawing 5 games, the promotion pretty much was never in doubt, even tho it looks close because in the end we lost a few, playing our younger players. This years intake was pretty good and I hope there will be some players providing at least some depth in the future. The two best of them seem to be Fu Yibing and Bai Yang Our best player Hen Sen signed a new Deal and he is
  12. This helps! Otherwise I think mentoring groups are the best way for personalities
  13. Chengfeng Season 30/31 Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances We wanted to survive, but in the end we were just not good enough to stay up. We scored just 24 Goals all season and when I tried to play more offensive we conceded too many. In the end the squad was just not good enough and in the last two seasons there was a bit of luck as well. We were still relying on the 22 through 24 intakes. At least it seems like i can stay in charge. Biggest problem could be, that alot of players have a relegation relsease clause in their contract and can lea
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