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  1. Did you make the two bpd to go forward ?
  2. For those kind of tactics maybe the DLP doesn't suit so well since you want a fast and direct attack maybe ?
  3. As long as they don't implement a mix between a CB and a FB for the two wide CBs in a 3 defender formation, those kind of tactics won't work so well in my opinion, compared to a 4231 one for example. However I would use two AM instead of two wingers just to reduce the gap between the two CM and the forward, just my opinion but I could be wrong. Also it's very important to have a player like Kante to make this tactic work better.
  4. In a 4231 could a DLP as CM and an AP as AM play well together ? Because my AM never play well so I start thinking both play a similar role and this could be the issue.
  5. This happens to me several times in my games, really annoying
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