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  1. If you checked the save i uploaded recently, you will find that the changes are from the "awards overhaul" and "the real name fix". That's it. So your basically saying its an issue with the network side of things and not the actual editor files? Because as you've just mentioned, we could be playing a single player save with the same editor files and run into no problems. I can even let you know i have an online save with just myself and with at least 1171135 changes. Its 2027 and i have not run into this issue. Yet the minute a client joins, the downhill process begins. Please understand my frustration doesn't come from you guys trying to help fix the issue. The frustration comes from this being an actual issue, and no matter what you say, i have personally spoken to people who have had this specific issue on earlier FM games. I would much rather you come out and say, "DO NOT USE EDITOR FILES AS IT COULD CAUSE A GLITCH/BUG THAT COULD DISRUPT YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE GAME" Then i'd just stop using editor files.... i mean its not rocket science is it?
  2. Ok this is getting bad, we've now run into this issue with the new save 6 times in the last 48 hours... Each time having to retire a manager or go back to an older version... You need to say something at this point
  3. Im trying to upload a save with no third party database changes but your uplaod page wont work... We can finally say that it is not the mods. But i still need a way to upload the save. Unless you guys have just given up on this given the lack of updates recently/
  4. I just wanted to ask if the exbox community is having the same issues as the PC community, as in the "Inbox" crash? And is there possibly any work around at the moment that can give some monetary pause to this issue?
  5. I have never used that editor file before so im confident in saying that wasn't the issue... were you able to load up "pagan" save regarding the whole game crashing for the client?
  6. Just a heads up, the game now crash's when selecting the inbox. dont know if its just our network game................................ The save i've uploaded is called "pagan"
  7. Can you pleas point to where I lied or told a mis-truth? Never my intention, and I'm sorry but if I pay money for a product that is advertised as complete, then find out that there's issues with said product that completely ruin my enjoyment of the product (that I exchanged for money) then I am more than in my rights to vent my anger.. Now if I typed something that is found to be untrue or slightly wrong, I apologise but I don't think I've said anything out of line here... Pointing out that the team is blaming outside forces for the issue without actually knowing what the source of the issue is rather unprofessional. You my friend may be happy with sitting on your hands waiting for them to fix the issue in their own time but I'm not, especially when they took my money for it. I then expect stellar customer service to right a wrong. Again, if I have put something in these posts that people feel is unfair/rude/ or unjust in anyway, please point it out and I will apologies for it and correct, IF it turns out that the statement is either false or misleading......but in the meantime, how about looking at a company that has had a specific issue with its game for nearly 10 years now and is yet to do anything about it. And when people raise the issue, their main responses are "we're looking into it" or my personal favourite "its the database changes" both of them with a heavy hand of "Possibly" Yours sincerely, a guy who won't stop until this particular issue is fixed....then I'll move onto another issue 😁
  8. Guess who's back, back again.... Case is back, with his friend..... Aaaaannnnnddddd we have the issue once again....... once again we retire his manager, create a new one and then hay presto, two game months later and its the same issue
  9. I now cant join an onine game... and to ad insult to injury, after attempting to join a network game, i can not load an offline save....
  10. P.s im coming across pissed coz of how much i love this game... This is the only game/company i have stayed loyal to since 2012 because of their practises but this little issue takes the biscuit
  11. Frozen inbox (FM19 Online Save) : footballmanagergames (reddit.com) I'm sorry but you were saying something about its something you're investigating???? because as i have said before on this post, this isn't a FM21 only issue.. This has been raised numerous times before and yet here we are in 2021, and your "still" investigating. And so I'm getting this right, your saying that the problem is us?? with our mods etc??? and that if we ran FM without any data edits then this would be fine?? if that's so then why do you include a Data Editor with game? if changing the data has been a known issue for years now, then why would you allow it? You cant have it both ways, and I'm sorry.... i uploaded a save without the "Derbies Overhaul" and one of your staff even commented at the fact that the "derbies overhaul" wasn't on there. So if your going to say its a certain 3rd party mod then please make sure its the right one or stop saying its ok to change the data on your game. Have you even attempted to run a save with one individual data change at a time to confirm that it ACTUALLY is a 3rd party change. Because reading through the responses from you guys, you come close to blaming them without actually blaming them which leaves us customers in a position of second guessing ALL mods.. Can you actually give us information that would actually help?
  12. And my only issue with you saying its "database issues" is that I've had these database changes on since the every first save back in early January... been playing online the entire time, only starting 1 offline save to check faces etc.. We had no issue with online games apart from the odd server crash where my friend gets disconnected, which happens at least once every hour without fail. (we both have virgin fibre so its not a network issue) The very first time we ran into this issue was after the first "Winter Update" I've said this before, having a basic understanding of code, i believe something in that winter update subsequently knocked something else out of place for some players and i would implore you to begin there.
  13. yes its exactly like before, we retired my friends manager, played for about 3 (game) months and then it happened after i updated. I understand that you guys are working on it but this is genuinely ruining my experience with this game, if your telling me that after all these years of being able to 'mod' the game, ew now cant due to this bug? The big issue is, after it starts, the only way to fix it is to retire the manager which if your playing online completely mess's up their career with (reputation/history ect) So I'm really hoping you guys have something for this, if you cant, I'm guessing a refund is out very unlikely? had to ask tho
  14. ok im getting tired you guys simply saying..."we've tried on our end but......" its not the database changes, me and a friend have both started a new online game, neither of us are using any mods of any kind yet ran into the issue.. Could you please stop blaming it on 3rd party stuff since i have been able to find this same issue with someone playing FM17. You've said multiple times that "we couldn't replicate the issue on our side" yet haven't once explained how you tried this.... Did you use 1 computer?....... were you playing on 2 separate computers?..... running on different internet source's?........ are you using your administration credentials on steam or have you each time created different Steam Accounts to properly test all parameters? Surely you can see after over 1 month multiple people raising this issue, you haven't offered a single solution, (that hasn't been first raised and tried by a paying customer) Thank You
  15. im playing as Man City if you couldnt already tell... ive uploaded a follow up save called "weird injuries 2"
  16. LMAO just since i sent that message, 3 more players have been injured... including my reserves and under 18's i cant field a full team
  17. I've had an issue with injuries...... which ever team i take over, they become league leaders in injuries... i've tried letting the coaches take over yet its the same or worse result. Ive just now had a player injured "while sprinting" when the only sessions were recovery and teamwork... i'm at the point where i regularly have 8-9 first team players out... Ive uploaded the save called "weird injuries"
  18. Yep, seems like they spent too much time getting the Xbox version ready rather than listening to the loyal customers who got them to a place where they could achieve this. Im just hoping they dont become another "EA"
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